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  1. Big Game
    So stoked to have filled my coues tag on my first day of hunting, 2 years in a row now. :cool: After a morning spot and stalk that ended in me clean missing a 275 yard shot on the biggest coues buck I've ever seen, I was so grateful to be able to get another shot at any buck an hour before...
  2. Big Game
    Howdy! Got a whitetail tag in 35b , problem is I never hunted that unit! Going scouting this weekend and need some tips! Anything specific is appreciated!
  3. Big Game
    Hi everyone, I got drawn for my first big game hunt in late October, for Antlered Whitetail in Unit 35b. I’ve got a friend going out with me to help guide me, but he’s not available the first couple days of the hunt. Been doing some online scouting of areas with onX and will do some in person...
1-3 of 3 Results