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  1. Trail Cam Pictures
    Love the colors on this bear's face. I like how it came back after the monsoon so we could see the water level difference.
  2. Trail Cam Pictures
    My first bear cub video. Finally! I'm in Southern AZ for those wondering. Thanks for watching and good luck to everyone in the draw.
  3. Trail Cam Pictures
    This is probably my most diverse site in terms of the different species that show up. Only missing bobcat, coyote, and javi. Hoping we get a good monsoon and the animals won’t have to crowd small water sources like this.
  4. Trail Cam Pictures
    I finally started getting a good number of bears after trying for several weeks. The waterholes are drying up fast though.
  5. Trail Cam Pictures
    Howdy, I put together a bunch of my trail camera footage from one spot into one video. I hope y'all like it. Located in Southern AZ.
1-6 of 6 Results