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  1. Big Game
    Hey hunting Muleys in #28 this wk, 1st time, was planning on either Guthrie Peak area or Whitlock mnts. I’m looking for spots for dry camping (small camper) and any area hunting tips anyone might share. Hunted pigs by Guthrie’s pk but not deer. Thanks Warren
  2. The Outpost & Mercantile
    Cabela's Standard Camp Kitchen still in the unopened factory box for sale in Tucson. Bought it a couple years ago but health problems at the time prevented me from every using it. Picked up a trailer in the meantime so now this is just taking up space. $125.00 in Tucson.
  3. Big Game
    Time to leave kitchen. Boring time passing last 6 month. Going for camp to jungle. :p
  4. Big Game
    Well sitting here with my first Elk tag and wondering what gear I might need for this hunt. Doesn't look like my uncle will be making it so looks like I will be doing it by myself. Never camped in that cold of temps. Got muzzleloader mid Nov in 6A. What gear do you guys like to bring? How many...
  5. Small Game
    Hey again, folks. Trying to plan a camping trip or two over the summer up near the Mogollon Rim - preferably ENE of Payson. I've been trying to find recommendations on places where we can dispersed camp (park just off the road and camp w/in 50'), that is also fairly close (1/2-1mi) to fishing...
1-5 of 5 Results