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  1. Small Game
    From the AZGFD website: Rabbit hemorrhagic disease confirmed in Arizona Posted April 11, 2020 PHOENIX - The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA), has confirmed two separate cases of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2)...
  2. Small Game
    Hi everyone, I have never hunted before and I'm looking for the best way to get started. I put in for elk and antelope in February but was unsuccessful in the draw. I will most likely put in for deer on the next draw, but in the meantime, I'm looking to start hunting. The main reason I want...
  3. Small Game
    I arrived in AZ this past summer and within a couple of days of the move went out for a little archery cottontail. Had a great time, and enjoyed the feast even more.
  4. Small Game
    Hello im glad to join the ranks. I currently shoot a savage 17hmr with a nikon 9x for varmint. I have had poor success as of late at rail-x and in 37 b (willow springs). Maybe I am not traveling deep enough into these areas? I usually start pounding sand 3 miles in or so. Rabbit seem to respond...
1-4 of 4 Results