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  1. Predators & Furbearers
    Good evening Everyone, I know everyone is tired of seeing posts about Coyote and Bobcat hunting. I am new to Hunting Unit 16A, does anyone have any recommendations where some good spots to scout would be? Also, is there any areas that I can not bring my dogs to join the hunt? I know some...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm looking for someone to hunt with. I like to hunt coyotes, deer, etc. Happy New Year!
  3. Predators & Furbearers
    Hey all! Newbie to the forum. Also new to coyote/predator hunting and getting set up with proper equipment, etc. Question: Does anyone here predator/coyote hunt using a red dot and magnifier set up? I have an AR platform (Ruger MPR 18" using Varmint .233 rounds) and thinking about going that...
  4. Small Game
    Hey, as my name implies I like to hunt small game here in az, mainly in Apache Junction where I live. I usually hunt rabbits, quail, dove, and have gone out coyote twice but yet to get one. I'm also interested in duck. I'm looking for a group of people to go with regularly this year on sundays...
  5. Predators & Furbearers
    I just ordered a Primos Alpha Dog since the price looks like it came down a bit. I have been using a foxpro spitfire (?) with little success. I was thinking they have heard all of those old sounds so much they know to turn the other way. What are you guys running? Pros/cons, reviews, success...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I thought I should take the time to introduce and tell everyone a bit about myself as I find myself combing through these forums quite often, and I would love to make new friends. My name is Nathan, most people just call me Nate. I have lived in AZ for the entirety of my life...
  7. New Member Introductions
    hey! new to the area looking to predator hunt with some guys in the GMU 42, 41, 39. or any where close! I'm from south Carolina and have hunted everything over there and am excited to start chasing game with responsible and knowledge dudes.
  8. Predators & Furbearers
    This is my first Arizona summer and I must say the heat is extreme, but it's that good dry heat, good for your allergies. That being said it's hot. I am trying to find a place where I can get away and cork an ole yote or a skunk or some four legged creature, without them spontaneously...
  9. Predators & Furbearers
    Hello friends, I am new to coyote hunting, and while I am not going to sit here and ask you all for your favorite hunting spots, I am however looking for some help with the preservation of the hides once gathered, and any yote hunting etiquette tips the novice would normally overlook. Your help...
  10. Predators & Furbearers
    Hello im looking for a good yote spot near mesa haven't hunted coyote much but I love the thrill of taking a predator any help is appreciated thank you
  11. Predators & Furbearers
    Ok so really want to do some coyote hunting this year but pretty broke. Figure I can slap $100 or less on my Paypal credit account. My question is.... Is there any difference in the sub $100 models? Does ones battery last longer.....any real difference in has better add on features?
  12. Small Game
    Hello im glad to join the ranks. I currently shoot a savage 17hmr with a nikon 9x for varmint. I have had poor success as of late at rail-x and in 37 b (willow springs). Maybe I am not traveling deep enough into these areas? I usually start pounding sand 3 miles in or so. Rabbit seem to respond...
1-12 of 12 Results