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  1. Big Game
    So this weekend I finally was able to take home my first elk with the help of good friends bearfoot1 and khmer6. It was a limited op hunt in 3b and after wondering for three days where the heck all the elk were, we were able to seal the deal Sunday morning. I had just about given up when this...
  2. Big Game
    What you see, isn’t what that elk sees - Eye of the Beholder | Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Also read an article on ASAT camo stating it provides a depth of field illusion and does well breaking up the human outline. Anyone use this camo type?
  3. Big Game
    Hello all, my name is Jordan and I am new here. I been applying for AZ for a couple years now and the other day I get a call about a suspicious transaction on my card. So I did a little digging and saw that AZ game and fish withdrew $650 from my card. Was Not planning on hunting in AZ for a few...
  4. Big Game
    Unit 27 elk tag, trying to find a good spot to camp that has phone service so I can communicate back home while in camp. Hoping to camp on the 58 rd, during scouting trips I've camped the 26 rd but last weekend the only place I had signal was a rinky dink spot that will work for scouting...
  5. The Outpost & Mercantile
    Federal blue powershok 270 Win for sale. 130 and 150gr. $25 a box. Meet in N phx Federal Fusions $30 a box
  6. Archers Lodge
    I’m new to Arizona but have elk hunted in Colorado for 20 years. So I’m trying to learn which units in Arizona to hunt(archery) elk. Also how does the draw work here in Arizona? Most archery tags in Colorado were OTC. Do you have to apply for a bull tag? Can I buy archery tags OTC. I...
  7. Big Game
    Hello I am fairly new to hunting and have only bagged one deer archery 2 years ago. I have an OTC deer,elk, and turkey tag and would like to try to bag as much as I can this year. I made this forum not to talk about honey holes but to have tips and tricks on how to scout and other general...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi folks, I drew a cow tag in unit 10 and want any information that people want to share. I know 51% of it is private ranch and and wondering if that is a good place to hunt. Thanks Paul R.
  9. Big Game
    I recently was drawn for Elk in Colorado ... I have never hunted out of state before and was wondering 2 things. How do I get my guns there and how do I get my meat home if I fly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I recently moved to Arizona from the midwest. I grew up hunting whitetail in the midwest, but only been on a few western hunts. If anyone in the Phoenix area is looking for a hunting buddy let me know. I'll hunt small game, big game, birds, waterfowl, etc. Just looking to learn and gain...
  11. Big Game
    Hi All, I'm writing an article on the history of elk in Arizona and was hoping some of you would share your thoughts/memories on the following question: "What is your favorite/funniest memory involving elk?" There's a tight word count so I'm looking for shorter (2-3 lines) bits. I'll need...
  12. Big Game
    Wife and I have the September Cow hunt 9/13-26 Not the peaks hunt. I have been e-scouting and researching for a while, planning on making trips before the hunt chasing deer but this will be my first big game hunt in AZ, (Originally from NM). I am not necessarily asking for "Where do I go?" But...
  13. The Outpost & Mercantile
    Wildgame Innovations deer feeder. Programmable, 30 gallon hopper. New in box. Bought it a year ago and plans fell through so no need for it. Gonna offer it to you guys first before the craigslist goons. 50$. Located in Tempe/Mesa area...
  14. Predators & Furbearers
    I just ordered a Primos Alpha Dog since the price looks like it came down a bit. I have been using a foxpro spitfire (?) with little success. I was thinking they have heard all of those old sounds so much they know to turn the other way. What are you guys running? Pros/cons, reviews, success...
  15. Outdoor Photography
    Sunset in the way back lands
  16. Big Game
    Hi all, I drew the archery peaks unit tag and have been up scouting a few weekends so far. Shamelessly asking here if anyone would be willing to share their experience in this unit. Anything welcome. Particularly the non-proprietary info like what the hiker/biker traffic is like in the unit in...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hi! I lived in Tucson from 74-87, last century. I moved back last year, after about 10 years in Virginia, and 20 in Colorado. I got started in archery in 1980, and was fortunate to take a P&Y buck in the Tucson Mountains in 1981. I also hunt with rifle: typically in Colorado I hunted archery...
  18. Big Game
    So one of the first things you hear when learning how to find Elk is "Get away from the roads". When doing my desk scouting for Unit 6A, I found that there is a road in every nook and cranny of this unit and UTVs were all over them. The good thing I found was that a lot of the small fire access...
  19. Trail Cam Pictures
    Just thought I'd share a picture from one of my cameras. Didn't get to go on my hunt this year so hopefully he is still out there for next year.
  20. The Outpost & Mercantile
    As you may know, The current Landowner Compact Agreement between the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Boquillas-Diamond A Ranch has expired. They are working towards a new agreement. The Boquillas-Diamond A Ranch encompasses the entire western half of Unit 10, about 720,000 acres...
1-20 of 22 Results