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  1. Small Game
    Greetings all, I recently moved to AZ from IN and have been a life long bowhunter (Im 24 so not too long lol). I've been doing a lot of research and attempting to understand the hunting experience/draw system/regulations out here and would like to become more involved. With the long term goal...
  2. Trail Cam Pictures
    Howdy, I put together a bunch of my trail camera footage from one spot into one video. I hope y'all like it. Located in Southern AZ.
  3. Small Game
    First timer looking for help in unit 22 for these little ghosts. Anyone have ideas where the last herds were seen? Any help appreciated. Thanks Thom
  4. Big Game
    Hello I am fairly new to hunting and have only bagged one deer archery 2 years ago. I have an OTC deer,elk, and turkey tag and would like to try to bag as much as I can this year. I made this forum not to talk about honey holes but to have tips and tricks on how to scout and other general...
  5. Small Game
    Brought the wife Javelina hunting this year and guess who got a Javelina. She's hooked that's for sure. First rabbit hunting and now Javelina. I figured it was good to bring her so that when it comes time to buying new gear I now have an ally in spending money as opposed to an adversary;)...
  6. Small Game
    Just wondering if anyone got Javelina in 21, bow or HAM?
  7. Welcome & Orientation
    Hi all, I was able to tag out for deer in January and have had no luck in getting drawn for elk or sheep so I want o get my bow out for some spot and stalk. The best I could find was OTC Javelina this fall... the following units are open Aug-Dec, but sounds like the opportunities are very low...
  8. Firearms, Shooting, Optics, & Outdoor Gear
    Anyone used a Glock model 41 .45 ACP for Javelina HAM season. I'm considering picking one up for that purpose and would appreciate any insight. FYI, I have shot Glocks for many years. That and I'm sitting on a lot of .45 ammo. As always, I will say thanks in advance for any advice on the...
  9. Small Game
    Wanted to share my recent success from a few weeks ago during the HAM hunt. I didn't get a chance to post right after because of a housing situation I had to deal with, but still made it out on the hunt. After running around 20B and not being able to get on them during the archery hunt, I still...
  10. Welcome & Orientation
    hello everyone. my first post -- new hunter. good at offroading and camping and hiking. Got my first Javi tag - 20B - Have been out Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday -- Was out from Constellation to Buckhorn to Castle Springs to Cow Creek and also from Crown King to Cordes and back down the...
  11. Big Game
    I have a tag for 19A Javelina and will be headed down there in a couple of weeks. A couple questions: How's the javelina in 19A? Terrain in the area. Steep terrain? Roads? General area (no honey holes needed) I should look at? Thanks for your help.
  12. Big Game
    So my boss has a 6A javelina hunt in February. I have found them up there in the summer and fall but never looked in the winter time. It's about time for me to start scouting but wondering how the snow will affect them. So what I'm wondering is do they move south when it gets cold? Or will they...
  13. Big Game
    Spent the last 4 days in 20b deer and pig hunting,I have been finding the deer just haven't got into bow range, problem is no pigs in sight ,not asking for honey holes just want to get my 12 year old his first big game harvest any help is greatly appreciated , thanks yall
  14. Welcome & Orientation
    New to AZ, hunter my whole life me and my son drew javi tags for 20b was thinking of hunting deer and javi same time, hunting mostly off bumblebee my son missed a nice 3x3 during Jr hunt there, any tips much appreciated
  15. Small Game
    I have been hunting javelina in 34 for a few years now and once in 36a, but have never harvested one. I have tried seemingly everywhere, from sawmill canyon down to elephants head with no success. I've only seen one group in a little thicket in which they ran like their lives depended on It...
1-15 of 15 Results