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  1. Big Game
    Well Co was and still is my backup plan if I'm not drawn here but its not looking good. The SE GMU's are closed down for the OTC elk archery hunts. 12 GMUs taken out of the availability pool from 2019. I guess those fires last year must have really hammered the habitat hard but IDK? Ill be...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I was able to tag out for deer in January and have had no luck in getting drawn for elk or sheep so I want o get my bow out for some spot and stalk. The best I could find was OTC Javelina this fall... the following units are open Aug-Dec, but sounds like the opportunities are very low...
  3. Big Game
    Doesn't look like I drew for deer this year, so I'm planning on buying a bow and getting an OTC tag. Harvest success rates are for the whole year anywhere I look, not for a particular season. Which season do you all prefer? Which one will I have the best chance at success? Late Summer, December...
  4. Small Game
    I’m thinking of trying my luck OTC turks. I didn’t get drawn... again... but I’m not letting that stop me. I don’t have much experience in AZ, thinking of unit 23. It’ll probably be more like a camping trip, but at least I’ll be outdoors. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jeff
  5. Big Game
    Hi guys, I didn't get drawn for rifle elk or deer this year, but I'm planning to take full advantage of the OTC deer archery (hoping to go mostly after mule deer)! I've spent the few months doing a ton of e-scouting - I know boots on the ground is better but with work and the forest closures...
  6. Big Game
    New to this site but not new to hunting AZ in January for Mule Deer. I am heading down to the Wickenburg area to hunt in the area from Aguila, to Yarnell. I'll be hunting around the 15th for a week, spot and stalk - typical get up high and glass, use the optics, within a 1-2 miles of a water...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! Im only a couple years into the hunting world, but love it so far! Filled my tag on a cow elk last year and now I just picked up my OTC archery deer tag. Looking for some 1 day hunts closer to the phoenix area, units 20B, 22, maybe even 20A. Work and family schedule make it more of...
  8. Big Game
    Is anyone doing the otc archery deer hunting starting the 9th? I am going to do this hunt but am hoping for some pointers...? Any advise is appreciated. Which units and areas to stay away from?
1-8 of 8 Results