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  1. Small Game
    Hello all, Been in Tucson for about 2 years playing football at the University and been going out shooting for fun and occasional hunting as a kid but now want to get into some more hunting. Just got my hunting license and am looking to blast some small game or coyotes in unit 37a. I'm not a...
  2. Big Game
    Hello! I've recently caught an itch for bear hunting! I'd love to get out and try to hunt every species in Arizona so while I'm waiting to get drawn for others I figured I would give bear hunting a shot. I've been looking into units 6A and 27 I know people who hunt both units for elk and deer...
  3. Trail Cam Pictures
    I finally got a mountain lion on video walking towards the camera during the day.
  4. Trail Cam Pictures
    Howdy all, I got some decent feedback on my first trail camera compilation video so I made another. This is the same spot that I got the lion video I recently posted. This is about 3 months of highlights. Thanks for watching!
  5. Trail Cam Pictures
    I recently got this video of a young cat sneaking up to my camera. I live in the southern part of the state. Enjoy!
1-5 of 5 Results