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  1. The Outpost & Mercantile
    Howdy, everyone. I bought a PST087 – Remington 700 Long Action BDL Tactical Barrel Stock and a Remington 700 (long action) 300 RUM stainless steel action for a project, but it never materialized. So I would like to sell them for a decent price. I am not sure how much to list them for as I...
    $1 USD
  2. The Outpost & Mercantile
    Wife is getting pissed tripping over all my stuff. I don't shoot 380 in any kind of quantity so this can go. Remington Ammunition UMC .380 ACP 88GR JHP 100Rds Value Pack L380A1B: $60 a box Winchester Ammunition .380ACP 95GR FMJ 50rds Q4206: $20 a box Winchester Ammunition .380ACP 95GR FMJ...
  3. The Outpost & Mercantile
    A hard to find Remington 788 6mm. Items Included in sale: Gun Scope Reloading Dies 25 Factory Remington 100gn Corelock's 50 Hornady 105gn A-MAX reloads 77 Pieces of brass (53 cleaned and ready to reload) 2 OEM magazine's Nice Allen soft case Gun also has a very nice Timney adjustable...
1-3 of 3 Results