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  1. Big Game
    Hi folks, This last weekend I went scouting with a buddy that has a 20B muzzy tag for Oct. Its his 1st time Mule Deer hunting, and his 2nd AZ hunt (Javelina). With both of us recently relocating to the area for work, this is a completely new style of hunting for either of us. I have a little bit...
  2. Big Game
    Hello I am fairly new to hunting and have only bagged one deer archery 2 years ago. I have an OTC deer,elk, and turkey tag and would like to try to bag as much as I can this year. I made this forum not to talk about honey holes but to have tips and tricks on how to scout and other general...
  3. Big Game
    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a good starting area for scouting this summer for a fall 6a bear hunt?
  4. Big Game
    Hey guys, I've read a lot about deer feed/browse, but am having a difficult time finding information on preferred deer feed specific to Arizona. Any thoughts on favorite foods for deer - mulies or couse - in both the desert and timber?
  5. Community Campfire
    So as I've posted before this will be my first year big game hunting since I was a kid and my first time ever archery hunting (deer). Due to work, kids, other trips planed this summer etc... I haven't been able to do any on the ground scouting and knew I would only have the chance for one trip...
  6. Polls, Suggestions, Tips & "How To's"
    I see a lot of new people are joining us on this forum and think this is great. I also see that a lot of new people are kind of lost on how to get started scouting so I figured we could all pitch in ideas on how to scout from your computer before getting your boots dirty. Here are a few tips I...
1-6 of 6 Results