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  1. Big Game
    Non-Resident Wyoming Hunting Tags Could Get Huge Price Hike | Cowboy State Daily
  2. The Outdoorsman Wire
    I'm putting in for some left-over tags with some buddies. One lives a few hours away, so I can't reasonably get their signature on the application. The application and regs state- "The applicant or an appointed individual must sign each completed applicant block" So... how does my buddy...
  3. The Outdoorsman Wire
    The AZ tags this year have a separate carcass/transportation/shipping tag you can attach. When I took my deer to the game processor, they said they didn't need it, just to fill out the normal form they have (permit number, name, phone, address etc). Is that right? Also, do you need to keep the...
1-3 of 3 Results