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  1. Small Game
    First timer looking for help in unit 22 for these little ghosts. Anyone have ideas where the last herds were seen? Any help appreciated. Thanks Thom
  2. Archers Lodge
    I have an archery tag out in 22 and am curious if anyone has seen any bits of rutting yet? I know the runt doesn’t usually start until atleast mid December, but I am just wondering if anyone has seen anything.
  3. Bird Dogs, Upland, Migratory & Waterfowl
    Hello, New to the forum, but not new to hunting. North Phoenix resident, I'm targeting Dove/Quail/Coyotes. Will be hunting Units 20B, 21, 22, 25M, & 24B. I've scouted the west side of Lake Pleasant, McDowell Mountain regional park(shotgun only), and along Bush highway leading to Saguaro lake...
  4. Big Game
    Good afternoon everyone, I am new to bowhunting, well deer hunting in general. I have been looking to go to unit 22 and really would like to get me first buck.. Can anyone help me out on some areas to go? You don't have to give me exact spots (unless you want too) but looking for whereabouts...
1-4 of 4 Results