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  1. Juniors Forum
    How's it going? I put my daughter in for turkey this spring and was wondering if anyone's had experience with the Game and Fish Youth Camps? I am a rookie when it comes to Turkey and would like to give her the opportunity to learn turkey hunting from someone more experienced, and selfishly I...
  2. Juniors Forum
    Hi, like to take my 12 yo dove hunting. He went a couple years ago with the AZGFD youth dove hunt in Safford and had a blast. Like to find a place where there's not a lot of people but might still have some birds. Any recommendations? Not looking for anyone's sweet spot, just an uncrowded...
  3. The Outdoorsman Wire
    Hey all you die-hard hunters. I've lurked around here from time to time, and I always see you doing cool events and gatherings. I wanted to share this event. This is for the few, the passionate and the dedicated sportsmen that are looking to teach someone new how to hunt, and to be a...
1-3 of 3 Results