0-2 - The Javelina Win

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by TallPaul, Mar 1, 2007.

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    I guess it is over for this season. TallPaul lost another chance at bagging a mean looking Javelina. After a weekend of trying to hunt the Javelina with a late start on Saturday ( not the opening day) things were not good from the getgo. As Freeman road looked like a New and Used RV sales lot and the road was fill with Quads and pickups one had to drive a little farther to get away from the masses. Willow Spring Road was alittle off the beaten path with less Quads and great looking terrain. It has some good tanks down there and if you can fine one with water that would be better. The weather was colder than Phoenix, but the sun was shining. Black Hills is a great place to try and when one gets by Signal Peak you know you will fine Javelina all around. After getting into glassing area with a New Tripod and sitting up with a stool you can see all the ROAD HUNTERS coming right at you. I had Groups drive in with SUV and Quads following right behind them. Hey and even the Driver had a loaded rifle between his legs. I kid you not. Some even stopped to chat and find out where the Javelina were hiding. After getting back in alittle farther things looked up. Some signs and tracks is what you look for and hopfuly the javelina will be there. But not for me. Couldn't find them. Too make a short story long the desert ghost live another day.
    I had to wait until the season was over before posting about the hunt because I thought I was going to get out on the last day here and that never happen, but I did take the night off from my other job.
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    Well Paul, all you can do now is persevere. You'll get your pig some day.

    Thanks for sharing your time in the field.

  3. Paul,

    Bummer, and having all the road hunters out and messing things up kind of takes away from the whole hunt. I have had that happen several times, and is one of the only bad things I can think about javy hunting. Most folks take it as a drinking binge kind of hunt and thats about it. An excuse to get out and drive around getting plowed. And I definately seen loads of those folks out this year also. Thats one of the primary reasons I hunt the archery season. Most folks who take a bow out, arent quite that bad. You should get a bow and come down this way. I would be more then happy to take you out and see if we can find some of the little buggers.

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    Shane, I am thinking of another Unit to hunt Javelina. Down south may be in the plans, BUT.... we are TALKIN TURKEY NOW!!!! :mrgreen:
  5. TP..........maybe you need a guide......hehehe