Here is your chance to reenact Vasily Zaitsev's defense of Stalingrad or depending on your transition stage you may wish to be Klavdiya Kalugina who used one of these to confirm 257 kills..... was this rifle one of theirs? Hmmm.... regardless here it is

WW2 1944 91/30 Mosin Nagant sniper. Unfortunately it did not escape the import marker. Matching number receiver and bolt still very accurate though admittedly I have only taken it out to 200yds. Will come with over 1900rds of ammunition.


I have priced this by trying to give about $500 off the cost of the ammo. Ammo values estimated from the gun show and online search.

I will entertain trades of most firearm types however I am most interested in American military surplus from the revolution to start of viet nam, German mil surp primarily WW2 era, anything Krag, Western style firearms though no 45LC desired. Also need a wall tent and stove or?

I will listen to most legitimate trade offers.