1st Elk hunt GMU 10

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Scott Rankin, May 22, 2019.

  1. My son and I got drawn after seven tries and ended up with cow tags for Unit 10. Very excited about our 1st hunt. Seeking and wanting any advice and information on the herds in this area. Went up looking around the Perin Ranch area and spoke to locals and received some intell, but looking for additional information. Would be appreciative for any added comments. Thank you.
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    Hunting on the Big Bo is good if you don't mind paying the access fees and following all of their rules.

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    My first advice to someone asking about where to hunt, it to go to G&F's Web Site, and under hunting, go to "Where to hunt" and then find your GMU. There will be information on there from the game manager of that unit as to where to start looking. Then do as you are doing and visit those places. You will find more of your own as you look. Spend some time this summer camping in your unit and learning the roads. Then as the time gets closer do some scouting. Scouting closer to the season will give you better info as to where they are moving. Weather will play a big factor as season gets closer.
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  4. Never hunted 10 but i have been told it is a desirable unit. Good luck
  5. Welcome to AHT !!! Boots on the ground, eyeballs glued to Binocs is the best I can help with.
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    You will find that posting a bio about yourself and becoming active in our forum will get you far better results than coming here and your first post is asking for help on a particular hunt. I live in Unit 10, but I don't give info to one-hit e-scouters, other than the same, non-specific info that's already been given in the posts above.

    Having said that....

    Welcome to AHT!!! Looking forward to your active contributions!

    I know the name Scott Rankin. Are you familiar with the name SelectBuild?
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  7. You might get to see some speed goats up there as well.
  8. Every year I have Unit 10 as one of my choices and for 8 years in a row I have not drawn. 10 is a great unit. Big Bo Ranch is available if you are willing to pay to get onto land. I am envious but happy for you. Good luck on your hunt.
  9. Im not a fan of their rules so I stay away, some nice bulls though, but the rules get in the way, maybe outside ti Big Bo ranch area, perhaps further north or west ?
  10. As Lynn said. F&G give you good advise on where to start. The info is pretty accurate. Good luck on your hunt. Btw. Cow are harder to hunt then Bull. Lmao