2 Brittanys Missing

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  1. I am posting this for a very good friend who emailed me today ..
    I will post pictures when he gets to his other computer down in the valley
    On Saturday, May 26th at around 9:30-10:00 AM two of my Britts turned up missing during a run off SR 260, 10.6 miles west of HWY 87. I had both dogs on a strong signal at #5 gaine when I lost signal inside of 2 minutes. The road I was on paralles another road running about .3 miles north of it, which was the direction of the signals. The dogs were Doc and Charley. Doc is about 23" at the sholders and is white and orange weighs about 45 lbs. Charley is a female 50/50 orange and white and is about 34 lbs.

    We all live in a small gun dog community and I am asking everyone to cross post in hopes of a recovery. I appreciate any help you can give.



    cell: 480-510-0025
    Phone: 928-476-3059
  2. Prayers have been answer
    They are home safe
    He went back to the place he starts to run dogs early this morning and they were there
    As for the explaination on signals they dogs had tracking collars on...but the were in the woods guess the trees and hills can interfer with the signals

  3. Great news on the dogs. Glad you found them.

    Last week on the 23rd we were coming out onto the 260 from the 300, and a couple of shady looking characters stopped us and asked about a couple of lost dogs. However they were not able to describe them in a manner that told us they owned them. The descriptions were quite vague, but the fellows said they were their pride and joy. We had not seen any dogs, and told them so. And thought nothing about it again until your post. Glad those were found, and now wondering if there isnt a couple of oddballs out there stealing dogs. and in case you or your friend is in there again. Both of these fellows were kind of off looking and were driving a mid 90s blue Ford taurus that the paint was not fairing well on the top. lots of rust. And the car was full of stuff, Not much room for the 2 folks much less dogs.
    You might pass this along to others. Just in case. Not trying to pass judegment, but when a self stated "avid dog runner" cannot/ would not describe their dogs to me other then "a couple of real nice looking pointers" ie not britts or wirehairs. Just pointers. Makes you wonder.
  4. glad that they found them and that they are back home safe and sound good job getting the word out as fast as you did about them missing
  5. Shane,

    Not to discourage your warning because it probably is a worthwhile one, but...pointer(s) is often used when talking about English pointers. In contrast, folks generally use shorthair(s), wirehair(s) or Brittany(s) either alone or with pointer (Spaniel) when talking about those breeds. This is especially true in the southern states where the pointer has a long tradition as THE dog of choice for bobwhite quail.
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  6. It is alway heartbreaking to hear when someones dog are MIA

    This is a good friend and when I got the email my heart just sunk ...I know how I would feel if it were my dogs..and I know he cares for his dogs as much as I do mine
  7. Knine,

    I too know the feeling. My German shorthair (now in doggie heaven) got out of the yard once and disappeared for five days in the area of Camelback Rd. and 67th Ave. I went out riding around the neighborhood for a couple hours each day and visited all the area pounds each day to no avail.

    Then one afternoon the phone rang. It was a service that I had signed up with thru Union 76 several years before but didn't resubscribe. The deal was for discount coupons for dog food, discounted vet care, etc. AND a collar tag with an 800# to call in case the dog was lost & found.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, they called me as a courtesy because some gal who lives in an apt. complex about two miles north of me had found Ginger cowering in one of those little SRP landscaped areas with an irrigation controller on a street corner. The dog had run around on the hot pavement so much, the skin on her pads was worn off. The gal that found her took her home, fed her and called the 800#, but it took the service more than a day to track my number in their records.

    I offered the gal $50, but she wouldn't take it. I did resubscribe to the Union 76 deal, tho, and continued to do so until I had to put down the dog.
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  8. Tony,

    I know very little about pointers myself, and you might very well be correct. But as such, I asked them what kind of pointers they were missing, and they just kept saying pointers. I even asked them about are they britts or wirehairs? Honestly I can probably only identify maybe 3-4 breeds of bird dogs and am always curious to learn more. These gents wouldnt even tell me if they had tracking collars on or not. Which would be a great thing to know about if your looking for a lost dog for someone. In my opinion. I'm pretty good at helping find things, and like as much info as possible so I dont find the wrong item. These guys were kind of fishy all the way around. So either way I dont know. I hope they were legit and that they found their dogs. But gut feeling tells me otherwise.

  9. But gut feeling tells me otherwise.

    And it was probably right.
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