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  1. After 2 days of hunting my #2 daughter made an awesom shot on her first ever big game animal.

    We started Friday afternoon after school. Since she had not shot the rifle in a couple of weeks, and got into trouble and lost a day of hunting. We went out Friday afternoon to shoot. She made 10/10 shots on target with 8 being pretty well perfect. I had her shooting a plastic bag with a couple of 2x6's inside. Seeing how animals do not have targets on them I thought this might help her get used to having a target all one color. She had one little miscue on the first shot, and discharged it a little premature. As she was taking the safety off to shoot she was using the trigger as leverage and did not notice. No harm done as it was pointed down range. Just scared her a little, and left a small bruise. But she was up and running the next morning ready to go.

    Saturday started kind of late. We got off about 0800, with a couple of very experienced eyes backing me up. My uncle and 2 of his brother in laws plus me and the kiddo. 3 tags total. We spent all day glassing, with nothing found. Which is kind of suprising, but hunting is hunting. She kept up all day like a trooper, never complained at all even through the hours of glassing. not even one deer was spotted. Which was also kind of wierd. By the end of the day I was very impressed with her. she stuck out a day that would have sent most kids packing. She was able to keep herself entertained, but had no problems being hassled by the " old guys" . We even stopped and called a couple of times. She handled herself enough to impress the whole crew. After all was said and done she had endured a day that had me wondering if there was any critters left in the area.

    This morning, with mommy riding herd, orders were passed down that she had some homework to do today so hunting took a back seat. We were only allowed a couple of hours this morning, and then back home for homework, and if the homework got finished she would be able to hunt this afternoon. We hit a spot this morning thats been good to me this year already. We sat on a trail where the javalina cross the San Pedro. 2 came by us but did not stop long enough for her to get a shot. She was all wound up. She had the rifle up and was ready. I told her to wait until they stopped so she would be able to get a good shot. They never stopped. I would have been pretty disheartened, she was unphased. And told me they would be back and that we had plenty of time left. Again I was very impressed. We went the rest of the morning without seeing anything else. Got back home about 1100. She got lunch and had some time to play, and got all but a couple of problems of her homework done. So we got permission to head back out about 1530. As we approached our hiding spot,there were about 8 pigs in the area. We tried to sneak in on them and get her a shot, but nothing doing. It took her a little to long to get set up and we got spotted. The wind was in our favor so they left not as spooked as they could have been. We had been seen but not smelled. So we got everything set in the blind, and got ready for another long sit. This time it didnt take long at all. Apparently there were more in the herd we had run off that were following up the rear. We had not been there for more then about 10 minutes, and a javy was walking across in front of us right at 30 yards. We got the rifle up, and got her all set up on the unipod and the blind window. I reached around and flipped the safety to fire. I told her that when she got a shot to take it. I plugged my ears. About 3 second later the rifle went off. I watched the javy jump up in classic heart shot style,and run off. Them the containment began. I told her she had made a perfect shot, and it was all I could to to keep her in the blind. She came up off her chair like a jack in the box. I hugger her real big and told her how proud I was of her for everything she had been through on the whole hunt. We tried to wait for a while to make sure I wasent having to go into the thicket after a pig that wasent down already. My pig was bad enough I did not want her first one to need a second shot. She kept telling me she had heard it fall " just like on TV", But I told her we needed to wait " just like on TV" . LOL.. I asked her where she had shot, and she told me "right where I pointed on yours." I have a half a pig mount of mine, and we went over where to shoot a couple of times over the past 2 weeks or so.. After about 16 minutes I finally relented.

    We got out of the blind, and made it over to where the javy was standing when she shot. As the javy was on the main trail, there were to many tracks to discern the one she shot at. And there was no blood. This got her attention real quick. She was a stand out on range day for her hunters safety course on the blood trailing. Her eyes are pretty good, and her ability to pick up blood on the ground is impressive to say the least. She almost as good as I am. So not having a blood trail to follow was quite disconcerting to her. She started asking me if she even hit it or not. As I had watched the way the javy had run off I started heading in that way, again without any blood. Now I was starting to wonder if I had seen what I thought I had. After about 15 yards on the trail I found a spot where a pig had made a very abrupt turn and headed off in the opposite direction taking up acerage. I guessed that this was the one, and we headed off in that direction. Being off the trail now made it a whole lot easier to pick fresh tracks out of the jumbled mess. I started showing her how to track by using the tracks instead of blood. By now we had made it about 30 yards total by ground, and almost back to where the pig was standing when she shot. With her in the lead now and me keeping a close eye on things and making sure no other pigs showed up, ( the pigs down where we hunt are not real scared of humans. ) About 10 yards farther she stopped and pointed off a little embankment. I had already seen it but wanted to let her have the limelight as it were. There was her pig piled up at the bottom, only about 15 yards from where she had taken the shot. Not a single drop of blood on the trail at all. So I was very careful as we approached. And at this point I took the rifle and touched the eye. Couldnt help myself. Way to close quarters for her to have to deal with an angry wounded javy. But I did not need to worry. The javy was dead.

    I sstarted pulling it up the embankment and back to the trail. At this point I got chastized severely, as she had not tagged it yet. ( Slim this one is for you) In her hunters safety course the warden had told everyone that was the very first thing that was supposed to happen. So we stopped and I showed her how to place the tag around the gambrel. ( yep she got me) I finished pulling the pig up on to the trail, and took a closer look at it. I was way suprised at the size. I guessed the Sow about 40-45 lbs. Not bad. And looking at the shot placement, WOW smack dead center. Right through the pump station. Exactly where she had told me she shot. :lol: (Very proud dad about now and thinking I wont have to worry about boys messing with her later on.. not if they're smart they wont)

    I got the camera out and took several rounds of pictures. Took me a while to get her calmed enough to get good pics. But I finally got her to sit still enough to get several good ones.

    After all the unpleasentries that follow pictures ( she helped quite a bit by holding the legs for me) we got mommy on the phone, and got the rest of the family notified. I showed her where the shot hit and what all damage it did.She got the heart and both lungs. Perfect!!! Again way impressed with her at this point. We went back and got the truck and got it as close as we were able to. I drug it to the truck and got it loaded. We finally got the blind and everything else picked up and loaded.

    Once we got back into town we stopped by my uncles house and weighed it. His scale put it right at 50 lbs dressed. As big as any pig I have ever killed. Pretty impressive. The next hurdle was a big one. And seeing how a deal is a deal. Her javy is going on the wall. Right above mine. Seeing how mine only scored 13&15/16th, and hers green scored 14&6/16th. The deal is anything that makes the book goes on the wall. And hers blew mine away. So off to see the taxidermist we went. Where she was told that her pig is one of the biggest he has seen this year. LOL.

    So, just got her into bed about an hour ago. Guess shes going to be a bear to getup in the AM for school :lol: .. But I think every once in a while thats an OK thing. ANd in her eyes, to top the whole day off. Her oldest sister has had 2 javy tags, and hasent had a shot yet. LOL. So she has that one to rub in also. She now officially had one shot at a game animal, and that was all she needed. LOL.. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I cant wait for Turkey season in April.. Both of the oldest girls have tags. LOL


    I will get pics up as soon as I can find the cable to hook the camera to the computer. LOL..
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    Wow Shane, great story and a great outcome. I'll bet you are proud.

    After eating a little humble-pie, you won't mind the taxidermy bill at all.

    Now hurry up and find that USB cable... we want to see the pictures!

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    Great! Kinda figured she would end up getting one, it's even better when it's bigger than dad's.
  4. Apparently the camera and the computer are not playing well with each other right now. I cannot get them to interface. However I do have the pics on disc, and am trying to get that loaded up into the computer so I can put them on here. I will try and get that done when I get home from work in the AM. Argggghhhhhh, I hate computers, For that matter I dont like most electronics very much. Always something to break down on them. I will get them posted here at some point. Oh and the clunking sounds you hear in the background of this are just me beatin gthe computer within inches of its miserable life. LOL.

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    I know what you mean about computers and electronics.

    Just don't take a hammer to your PC like Creed did his.

    When you get the disc pictures onto your PC, use the forum features to post your pictures. We don't need no stinking photobucket here. LOL.

    Check your PM's, I sent ya one.
  6. OK,, Going to give this a try
    Saturday, with all the rest of us sitting behind our tripods, she strapped her binos to her monopod, and added another set of eyes to the mix.

    Getting ready to go sit the blind.

    I think the smile says it all
  7. And some more,

    The golden bullet. One shot-one kill.


    the scale tells all

    Again not a small javy.
  8. Awesome man! What a great story! Thanks for sharing. Congrats to the daughter!
  9. OK , Now that I got the picture thing figured out.. ( Thanks Thunder).

    Chief, yes shes the one I figured would stick it out and get a shot also. Just had no idea she would do that well. Its a thing that lots of hopes were built on. I knew she had it in her, and was very pleasently suprised when she pulled it off without a hitch. After going through all of this with the oldest 2 time without even a shot. This was definately a nice ending. As for bigger then mine. I wont live that one down for a while. But I dont mind a bit. :oops: And this one is applied for elk, and wants a deer tag also. I cant wait for the draw to come out for elk. And just waiting for the deer draw.

    But next thing on the list is to get both girls shots at turkeys. Thats coming up in April.

    Thanks guys.

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    Very nicely done. Tell your daughter congratulations on a nice javy.