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Thursday 4/19/07. We got off a little later then planned, and finally showed up to meet our "guide" about an hour after the meeting was planned. Not a good way to start a hunt. But got out and roosted several birds that night anyway. We even pulled 2 birds out of the roost to come check us out. Quite accidently, but they came up to about 15 yards from us, while we were standing next to the truck. LOL.. Was quite the show they gave us. The strutted, spit, drummed, gobbled, and made quite a showing of themselves. My first time having turkeys that close, and the first time #2 has ever heard them much less got ring side seats for the show.

She was so excited about everything that she did not sleep well that night. I dont know what time she finally fell asleep, but it was not easy shaking her out at 0400 the next morning. We headed back to the spot where we pulled to 2 lovesick toms out of the tree. We stopped about 1/2 mile from the spot and walked in. We finally got to the spot and our " guide" started trying to find them. We spent several minutes listening while he hit every call in his bag. Finally he got one less then half hearted answer. We headed tword the gobbler trying to close the distance. We crossed a big bowl and called again, Trying to pinpoint the gobbler. A hen answered him. He called again and ended up having an extended conversation with the hen. The gobbler half heartedly sounded off a couple of times during this conversation. But was obviously henned up pretty good.

After about 5-7 minutes of this 2 more gobbles came from across the canyon. The more our " guide" called the more they gobbled. It did not take long and we could hear them getting closer. We made one attempt to get closer to the little canyon, but almost got caught. We backed off the rim a little and set up. We had initially talked about setting the decoys out about 30-35 yards, so a little movement might not get caught. However by this time the gobblers were coming in fast enough that this was not possible. The decoys ended up at about 18 yards. There was a large pile of rocks off to our left about 15 yards away. I have 2 umbrella type blinds, and got them set up in front of us. We got the shotgun almost up and I spotted heads coming up from behind the rocks. Not a good situation to be in. The shotgun was still only half way set up. They had come in to fast. I slowly got it down and got her set up luckily without getting the 2 gobblers attention. How we did this I dont know. She was moving around alot trying to get the shotgun lined up. I think the only thing that saved us was the umbrella blinds.

She finally got everything set up and lined up. By now the gobblers new something was not right , but were still trying to impress the decoys. #2 finally got everything where she wanted it. The one in the back came out of strut, and she put a hurt on him. Rolled him real good. Another one shot tag filling spree. Perfect shot right where it was supposed to be.

I think I half threw her over the little blinds so she could go get her bird. About 10 yards in front of the blind she tripped over a downed tree. Did a nasty looking "superman" dive into the pineneedles. Our "guide" passed me on the run. I was so stunned I was unable to move. She was lying there, with her hands and head up off the ground. I got close enough to hear " SAFE!!" and see a huge smile on her face. Our "Guide" picked her up with one hand and half drug her to the gobbler. I followed , still unloading the shotgun. Several rounds of pictures were taken, including her carrying it back to the road. The same smile I had seen after her javalina hunt was prevelant. So lots of good pics. According to our" guide" its was probably a 2 year old bird. Spurs went about 1/2" and the beard went 8". But he had a fully rounded fan so it was a mature gobbler.

0615 opening morning, one shot. This had to be one of the best hunts I have ever been on. I have hunted turkeys several times over in NM, and have never heard one gobble in the wild. Our "guide" told us that it was also one of the best hunts he has ever been on also. After pulling the 2 birds out of the roost Thursday evening, we continued and ended up roosting about 6-7 birds that night. After she took her bird. All the way back to camp, we stopped about ever 1/4-1/2 mile and called. Just about every time we got something to respond. And to top it off, one of the larger intersections we had to cross there were 3 large toms in the 3-4+ year old range, standing on the edge on the meadow with 5 hens. Just strutting and putting on a grand show. We stayed and watched that for about 5 minutes. Finally about 0800 we made camp and she got to show her bird off the the rest of the family. Including the video,, Our "guide" had videoed the whole thing.

Our "guide" on this hunt is a fellow from the NAHC site, who offered to help us out. He was great, Showed us his "secret spot" and basically gave us first line treatment beyond anything I had expected. He did all the calling and again took care of everything. I was way suprised that he filmed the whole thing, and cannot wait to get our copy of it. He missed the "superman" incident, but you can hear it off to the side.

Not a bad job for her second hunt ever. Shes now had 2 tags, fired 2 shots, and tagged 2 animals, and is now looking forward to a deer tag. LOL... I cant wait. Just wish she had drawn an elk tag.

My computer is not playing well with my Modem right now. I will get pics up as soon as I can get them on a computer thats on the net.


I never doubted that she would not fill her tag. Again tell her Marge and I said congratulations and keep up the good work.
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