2006 Dove Opener

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    Hope every one got thier limit. I got mine by 6:20 AM . I will post pictures later today. I have to go to work. Man it was great to shoot those birds out of the air. :roflpmp:
    I couldn't fine goinhnt63 he said I was late and he had Birds to kill. :frusty: I will talk with you soon Kevin. Hope you got your limit. I'll call you tonight if that's okay with you.
  2. Way to GO!

    Good job Paul! I had to work today so I didn't make it out yet. Maybe tomorrow - IF I can still find a spot. Most of where I've hunted in the past is now houses.... :roll: :(

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    Re: Way to GO!


    Dutchman, (Ron) I know a spot. :D If you want to go tomorrow I think I could squeese you in. I am taking my boys out.
    Give me a call tonight About 7:00 PM I should be home by then. I am sneeking on at work. Have to work late because of the holiday.

    Kevin, if you want to go with us don't be late. Calls tonight.
  4. Took my lab out with my dad this morning as well. Not as many bieds in our usual spot as the past, but I still managed to limit out by 6:40 or so. This was my labs first hunt and she did great. She has no training at all and she did great. My dad shot the first bird of the morning and wounded. While he and I were walking around liooking for it, we realized that my pup was standing still with that bird in her mouth wondering why we were still walking around aimlessly! It was pretty funny.

    For the very first time ever, I shot two birds with one shot today! Yes, they were both flying too! :D

    Had a great time. I was the only one to limit out, but we had a blast.
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    Dove Opener 2006.

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    Nice pictures Paul and congratulations on a good day in the field. Went out Fri & Sat and got a limit each day (Mourning only) no Whitewings or them illegal alien birds.
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    Nice going Chief, mine are all Morning Dove. Cracked me up with that Illegal Alien Birds. :lol2:
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    More Photos

    Some More from Saturday and Sunday Hunting with My Boys Josh and Josh no laughing at their names.

    My Josh. Got another one.

    My boys. Taking a break.

    After Hunt in backyard fooling around.



    Sunday My son Josh didn't want to go, because he stayed up all night playing Video Games online :frusty:
    So I took his friend with me. Josh got 6 birds and getting the hang of it.

    Just a Humming Bird photo.
  9. Cool - Anyone going out tomorrow in the east valley? Am thinking of heading out
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    I'm heading with my son Josh. He said he wants to go. We took our other Josh home Sunday night.