2006 Dove Regs are up.

Discussion in 'Bird Dogs, Upland, Migratory & Waterfowl' started by TallPaul, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. TallPaul

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    Arizona Dove Regs for 2006 are up and I see a change in the Bag limit.
    - 25 Eurasian Collared Dove Daily limit- Last year they were call Exotic Dove
    Has anyone ever bagged these. I as far as I know, I have just shot Mouring and White Wing Dove.
    I may have bagged one or two and not knew it. Man I don't know how you could make out the black collar on it as they move fast. Square Tail maybe, but not the collar. :shock:

    http://www.azgfd.org/pdfs/h_f/DoveandPigeon Regs2006-07.pdf

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