2018 Rabbit Camp March 23-25... everyone welcome to join us

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by Green Vinca, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. I would have thought by now you would have already. Myself Im tired of someone telling what to do and say, and it sounds like a threat to me, So Im done with it.
  2. I'm with Steve and Bear, those last statements were not needed at all. I'm done.

  3. Chief--I believe you manage another site that I am on...I have looked how to be removed from that site and not successful. I do not wish to be part of a forum that has members (leaders) dictating their philosophy on others and providing "implied" threats. Please remove me from that site.
  4. Apparently Arizona has become a lot like California where one person can’t voice their opinion on a subject without snowflakes becoming sensitive since it’s not their opinion. LOL
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  5. I am will be attending. I hope to bring my wife and 4 year old boy. He loves camping dirt and outdoors.
    I am also trying to get my friend from San Diego to join us.
    Recently got a new camping trailor that I haven’t used and should be good opportunity to try it out.
    I have been there two years ago and everyone was very responsible and not worried about lack of safety as there was plenty of people looking out for one and other.
    We may give you a hard time for having a scope on backwards but we’ll set you up right lol
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  6. Hey now....FERN!!!! Scope story was funny for a while, but now...kidding, love being able to be the back side of a joke. It allows me to pay back when I want. ;-)

    Just a note--I was NOT drinking when I mounted the scope the first time...just saying! ;-)

    What did you do with the pop up you had last time??? Believe you brought one.
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  7. anybody have fishes nibbling their feet yet??????
  8. AMEN Chevy! Hence the reason I'm an escapee from the PRC.
  9. Yeah I had a pop up and sold it to a friend of ours that camps with us. I gave him a great deal on it as I got one on my 26’ trailer. Can’t wait to try the new one out. I have some solar panels I never put on the pop up that I need to find time to put them on it.
    This trailer is lifted higher and bigger water tank for dry camping. Have to keep the wife happy
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  10. Lol forgot about that roadkill. Make sure you get your mani pedi before the hunt
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