2020 Bighorn sheep

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  1. 10 years old. 15 bases. Don’t remember the length but green score is 177 4/8. I had a little help.

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  2. Here is the side view. He carried his mass all the way out.

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  3. Are you having a shoulder or full mount? Either way he will be magnificent. Not that it matters, but how many years did it take to draw the tag. JM
  4. 3/4 wall mount. Around 20 years. Oregon doesn’t give points on sheep. I drew it as a resident and just moved to AZ this September.
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  5. Not much of a story. Just like everyone else I was surprised when I drew the tag. The hunt was text book. I arrived in camp two days before the season and we watched the sheep from a distance, about 1500 yards. We watched them again the next day from the same area. Opening morning they were Within 100 yards of where we left them the previous night. Stalk to within 370 yards and watched them for 3 minutes. Practiced the shot a couple of times and then one for real. Ram ran 40 yards and died. The longest 3 minutes of my life was the waiting for the Rams to split up before the shot. My once in a lifetime hunt was done at 8:33 on opening day. The answer to the two questions I keep getting. Public BLM land and Green score 177 4/8.
  6. I know of a guy who drew an AZ resident Rocky tag with 6 pts in West Clear Creek the year after I shot mine. I had 24 pts in 2013. JM
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  7. Did you enter him in B&C? He will get in the awards period book if his net score is 175.0. Scorers do the scoring for free. JM
  8. I will have it officially scored once it’s past the waiting period. It’s currently at the taxidermist.

  9. Thats a better story then I have, Mine, "? Never drew a Tag in AZ while I was able to hunt them"? Short and un-sweet.
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