2020 Quail Opener

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  1. that's super cool!! Great job!

    Game and fish just sent me an email today saying how they haven't send quail numbers like this since the 90s. I can't wait to get out!
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  2. Got 11 this morning and the old man got 9.

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  3. Yep I saw good numbers but they were busting long before we got into range. That's my excuse and sticking to it.
  4. I was scouting for my deer hunt on Saturday. We spotted 2 different copies that we went after. Managed to bag 4. Both copies were very large. Unfortunately I won't have any time to hunt quail until after my December elk hunt. Maybe it won't be 100 degrees then.
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  5. Kelly, never needed to make a copy while out hunting.:eek: What do you know that the rest of us dont "?????"
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  6. I have wanted to make multiple clones of myself - 1 to glass, 1 to stalk, 1 to cook a real meal at camp, 1 to sleep in. :cool:
  7. In total my dad and I got 63 through 2.5 days of hunting. Should have been more if it wasn't for some bad shooting at times.
  8. According to my phone step tracker thing I logged 23 miles over 3 days. Hopefully lost some of this quarantine weight.
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  9. Man you guys are getting me excited! I was out of town for the opener and haven't had a chance to get out yet. Going to head to my best spot on saturday...it was crazy good last year so I'm super stoked given it could be even better this yr. Il be staring at my coffee mug all week dreaming of gambeling 20201020_095443.jpg
  10. Sounds like it will be much cooler and windy. Cooler is good, not sure about windy.
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