.223 WSSM ?

Discussion in 'Predators & Furbearers' started by Desert Rat, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Any opinion on this round for predators/lions?
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    My boy has one in a Win Stealth - I think. He is not to pleased with the accuracy but it gets the job done. Why not just a plain jane .223 or 22-250?

  3. Chief - a .22-250 is what I plan on buying. I just happened to know where there was a .223 WSSM on sale - so I was curious
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    Savage 12-FVSS, 22-250, Leupold One Piece Base & Rings, Weaver GrandSlam Varmint 6-20x40, 5 shot group less than 1/2" would consider selling this rifle if the offer was right :D

    .223WSSM will dispatch a lion without any trouble.
  5. LOL - I'm sure the "right" offer exceeds my "possible" offer...

    I guess I'll probably stick with the .22-250
  6. My brother in law had one, and I had the .243WSSM. Neither of us had them very long. However. When we were sighting them in both shot well out to 400 yards. Granted neither rifle made it through the break in period, before someone offered more then was paid for both. Got to love Wally world. either rifle for $379( with Simmonds 3-9 scope attached) I think . on the Win website MSRP is $550-600 ( without the scope) I dont remember which. So who is to argue about someone offering 500 for each. LOL..

    I like the .243 WSSM a little better, but the .223WSSM is a right handy round. I dont think you would have a problem taking anything down up to Elk sized. I use the .223 to hunt mulies out here. Never had any problems taking one down, unless I made a bad shot. The rounds have always done the job if the shooter made good also.
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    It is a 22-250.
  8. Chief - I know... What I am saying is I was considering a .22-250 when I found out about the .223 Based on your comments, I'll stick with the one I originally planned on buying.

    I think yours is probably a little more than I planned on spending