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  1. LOL, I would at least call Game and Fish, Make an appt and show them the proof of the individuals, let them deal with it and revoke there Guides Lic. at the very least. Then if not doing that, confront them in the store with proof, Let them try to explain the error in there ways, In the meantime have a buddy with a toothpick Ice breaker flatten every tire on their vehicles, or at a later time, shoot there truck windows out, LOL, I was just bird hunting, I didnt do that, or a shotgun blast in Mid door of drivers door. I do not like individuals like this, they need to be held responsible . .
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    If you can prove theft or criminal damage with the photos they should be turned over to G&F. If people with guiding licenses are doing that they need to be jerked up short.

  3. I'm with you. Trust me , we are dealing with the "issue"

  4. Use Python too! Only had someone drop a deuce in front of a camera before.
  5. Last time I used a python lock,. it was stoned so bad I couldnt open the lock back up and now sitting on a tree "somewhere" in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness area
  6. Sorry, Dont do That, but do use CBD because of knee, Not the same though.
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  7. I got it. Lol
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  8. Well we all like a Payback Story, .... Now how are you dealing with it ? These guys have a problem with a little competition.

    One of my subs, his son owns and operates a Guide Business in Payson, Ground Pounders Outfitting, he says they dont mess with others stuff, they just move further away so everyone is not after same bull. They just got a guy on a estimated at 399 bull last saturday in 23, guy arrowed it, cool looking bull, double eygards, sword points on both side were 4 ft long, but was a 6x6 counting both eyegards.
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    This thread has wandered a bit off topic. ;)
  10. Yes, I know Arizona Ground Pounders up there in Payson.