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  1. yes, cable python locks are a good deterrent...again, deterrent.
    a solid tree branch, steel fence post or tire iron can spin them right out of the lock. Easy to do.
    forgot a key once when going to retrieve a cam. Since I wasn't coming back that way for a year, i tried the Spin-Out-Cable method. I was shocked how easy the spin out method worked, the cable was pulled thru the Python device, due to twist & leverage...and muscle power.

    as a NR, I know the TCamp area well. Taken couple OTC archery nice bucks near 3 water/cattle holes there. Even recognize the water hole in the images. Had that 24A elk tag and filled it several years ago. TIP: hunt close to Rez fence the opening morning. Never put a cam on water hole but put cams on main trails heading to rez fenceline. Opening day, I got there in the dark, 2 hours prior to daylight. Other hunters coming in after daylight put the run on a group of elk. Small raghorn, 5 cows came within 60 yards of my position. 1-shot to shoulder put raghorn down, 2nd to neck to finish.
    RickW, you best find those types trails heading to the REZ boundary. Good luck...
  2. I know this should go in the trail camera folder, however I told Rick W that I would keep him updated. Went to retrieve trail cameras in unit 24A. No elk, crap. Did get two pics of small couse deer and the bear you see. Of course lots of pics of dudes walking around. Thank goodness they didn't take the camera. bear.JPG
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  3. Ok, one more pic from same camera. At first I thought this was a deer, but I'm leaning towards it being a bobcat. Help me out. Pretty sure the bird is an owl. what is that.JPG
  4. Rick W; how did your 24A elk hunt go? My buddy put in for turkey up there, did you see any of those crazy birds?
  5. No luck on the Elk. Heard some bugling and almost called one in on opening morning when some other Hunters came in and started blowing the worst bugles I’ve ever heard and blew it (literally) for us. Got close on another evening and had some cattle crash the party. After that we saw fresh sign every day but just couldn’t “arrange a meeting”. Had a blast though. Thoroughly enjoyed a week of hunting hard. Logged a lot of miles over 6 days before I had to head home. Saw at least 30 turkeys over the first 4 days and heard turkeys every day. PM me or have your buddy PM me and I’ll give details on where they were.
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