29 rounds of 270 trade for 9mm or 5.56

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  1. Hey folks,
    I have some .270 win that doesn't cycle well in my gun. It's "Monarch" brand (Academy sports brand) 130 grain soft point .270, and I have 29 rounds of it, so like $25 of ammo. It's been sitting on my shelf for 8 months now, and figured there might be someone who'd appreciate it.

    I'll trade it for 50 rounds of 9mm target ammo, like 115 grain Blazer Brass or Federal champion. Or for a box of 20 rounds m193 or m855 5.56 ammo, like Federal American Eagle or Hornady Frontier. Please no reloaded ammo. Those amounts of ammo are worth like $10-12, so I'm giving away like $10-15 worth of ammo, really.

    I'm in Tucson, and can meet up in Craycroft/Speedway area this week in the afternoons. Let me know! Cheers and happy 4th!
  2. Now you have me curious. What kind of semi auto 270 do you have ? :rolleyes:
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  3. Haha no sorry by cycle I didn't mean semi-auto. Perhaps I screwed up the terminology... I have a Savage Axis 270 bolt action. The case just seems slightly off size for my gun, because after firing the round, my bolt gets a little stuck and I have to really yank it to get the empty shell out.
  4. That sounds like a couple things possible. Pull your bolt and look in from the chamber end with light from the muzzle, look for any build up, pitting, should be shiny and smooth all around, check your extractor for damage, If that is good check your cases, is the primer flattened if so likely a high pressure issue. Does this happen with other ammo?
  5. This doesn’t happen with any other ammo, so I figured it’s just my gun doesn’t like this brand of ammo.
  6. if it is only that ammo it is likely an over pressure issue
  7. Okay. Thanks for letting us know.

    I’m basically giving it away for like <half of what I paid for it, so if anyone wants to take me up on the offer, message me.
  8. I've never tried Monarch ammo. I'll take a chance on it. Not sure how to DM from this tablet. I'm also on the east side.
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    Tony you should be able to go to the top of the page to Inbox and start a private message.
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  10. Great! Thanks Lynn.