Smellier & Bellot 30-06 Springfield M1 Garand Tactical Ammunitio. 150 Grain Full Metal Jacket; non-corrosive, reloadable, brass casings, & boxer primed. Rated at 2887 FPS muzzle velocity, and 27777 ft. Lbs. muzzle energy. 98% 4/5 star rating. Designed for the M1 Garand rifle. I purchase a larger quantity than I actually needed, so that I could buy at a cheaper rate. I am offering these for sale at that reduced/discounted price (It’s actually less; as no tax has been included). I have 14 boxes of 20 rounds per box for sale.
1 Box/20rds- $22.00
5 Boxes/100rds- $110.00
10 Boxes/200rds- $220.00
14Boxes/280rds- $308.00