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  1. I drew a tag Oct 27 - Nov 1. Any and all advice/info appreciated.

    Even better, if someone wants to go with me for a day (or more) let me know. I'll be making day trips - I can't stay all night.

  2. Chief

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    Let me know when and where you want to meet up and I may be able to join you for a day or two. Did you get my PM?

  3. Yes! I got it, you disappeared for a week, and then I forgot about it! That wasn't very gracious of me, was it? :oops:
  4. TallPaul

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    Desert Rat, I may be able to go with you. I would need to know what Day or Days and a little notice.

    I have been down by Benson 10 years ago for my friends Deer hunt scouting and drove up some area with mines. I couldn't fine it again if I'd try. I would like to check out more of the southern State and heck if I like it I may put in for a hunt down there. :D Let me know.
  5. me and 5 friends got drawn for that same hunt... have not yet been able to get down there and scout.

  6. Well, I manage to get the 30th and 31st off - but not Nov 1st. If anyone would like to join me for a day, let me know.

    I have spots in mind, but have NOT scouted. I've been so busy with the new job and some other stuff that I haven't even been keeping up on my postings here, let alone scouting... :oops:

    I'll be leaving the Queen Creek area around 0400 and travelling to Ye Olde Hunting Grounds each day.
  7. Chief

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    Need to know where to meet ya and what time - although 34a isn't that big it would be nice to have a meeting spot :D

    Can't make the 30th as that is a very important date here. It will be my wife of 47 years sixth anniversary of being cancer free. If the Good Lord is willing this will be her last cancer physical and I plan on being there with her.
  8. SG777

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    I know this thread old but I was drawn for the Rut in 34a in December 2007...anyone else?
  9. Welcome - I drew 35A

    I hunted 34A last year, although I only made it out a day. I took my daughter with me. We had a couple of does walk by us-pretty close!