3c camping access south of heber overgard

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  1. Wife and I have been up in this area a lot but have never found a great place to drop a couple toy haulers for the week without having to drive 3mph for at least an hour over a whooped out bad show of a road.. This gets worse when snow hits the ground. I spent half of my scouting trip last week just driving the roads trying to find a place to camp and really only came up with one or two “worst case” spots for our upcoming hunt. Ill have my wife who is a first time hunter, and our 16 month old son with me so the toy hauler is a must, especially with the weather we have been having. We both have cow elk tags this year. Also at least one other family member and their trailer as well. Any tips on a decent spot to check out? I’d like to access the area between FS road 50 and 107 or closely surrounding areas. Hoping this isn’t like asking for a guys honey hole..
  2. Camp out near highway by one of the frog ponds , only 1/2 mile or less into .ponds. west side of dirt road.

  3. While I appreciate any and all input, I have to admit I have no idea what a frog pond is, or which dirt road it is near..
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  4. Sorry, Black Canyon Lake rd off if hwy 260, a frog tank is just a small depression that the tree frogs live near when there is water available.
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    I think I might be looking for the nearest RV park with full hookups rather than beat my rig up on bad roads. So you get up an hour earlier, and drive a little further.

    If the weather turns bad, and it can you have power for heat, water for showers, toilet, dump. Nobody gets cold because you are running the battery down with the furnace, a whole bunch of positives.
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  6. Great suggestion, thanks!
  7. Another option for you would be to take Black Canyon Road from Heber towards Black Canyon Lake. It's paved for a good portion which ends at a cattle guard. Shortly past that there are areas suitable for a trailer and the dirt road past the cattle guard is pretty good.
    Another thought is there is an RV park to the right on 277 right outside of Heber that may work good for you also. Unsure if they're open but they have a website. https://heberrvresort.com/
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