5A Bull Success (Photos added)

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    I'm blessed to report that I successfully filled my bull elk tag in Unit 5A. I harvested him at 3:30 PM on the last day of the hunt (Nov. 30). Alone, I hunted hard for 5 days and almost gave up. 5 days of hard work produced the sighting of only 1 cow and 1 calf. I did manage to jump a really nice 4 pt. muley bedded down, and, I also saw a double handful of antelope on the run.

    Finally, on the last day of the hunt, I glassed/located 4 bulls. One rag-horn, a nice 6x6, and deep in the trees, what appeared to be a large 7X7. My range-finder put the 6X6 at 342 yards. All 3 bulls were located across a small cheater canyon, which feeds into Jack's Canyon some short distance away. A shot of 350 yards is small potatoes for a .300 WSM, so, I settled in for a clean shot on the 6X6. However, seconds before I pulled the trigger, the winds must have shifted/swirled, as all 3 bulls threw their noses skyward. Obviously, they winded us (a buddy was with me) from across the canyon, as they left the area promptly and without hesitation. I can't begin to explain the disappointment I felt as I watched them disappear into the trees.

    A 1-hour drive around the canyon returned the wind in my favor. Walking directly into the wind now, I worked back toward the general area of the previous sighting, and luckily, walked face-to-face with another 6x6. Luckily I saw him first, behind a small cedar with his head down, feeding away. With the wind blowing directly in our face, and while standing in a virtual wide-open flat on the ridge, we both crouched to one knee. Once I was confident that the bull hadn't detected our presence, I slowly extended my mono-pod, gently nestled my .300 WSM onto it, and waited approximately 8 minutes for him to step into the clear. Not wanting to risk being seen by removing my range-finder from my back-pack, I simply estimated him to be about 80 yards away. After the shot rang out, he ran approximately 15 - 20 yards and peacefully expired. After removing his internals, examination of his heart revealed the cause of his swift expiration. His lower heart lobe and both lungs all resembled that of a small octopus. The 180-gr. Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip performed flawlessly.

    I used my cell phone to call upon the assistance of two other good friends, who both promptly and eagerly came out into the bitter cold/snow/dark and helped me get him loaded into my truck. At 9:30 PM that night, we were all headed back to town. A SPECIAL THANKS to Jim Hansen, Kelly McCauley and Emerson Scott for their unselfish assistance and support. You guys are awesome!

    I do have some pics and will hopefully get a few of them posted soon. He's your typical Unit 5 Bull, a thin but respectable 6X6, sporting a broken eye-guard/brow-tine. A quick guess says he's probably a 270-300 class bull.

    Now, if I can just get into shooting form by months end, perhaps I can put the "smack-down" on a big 'ol desert muley buck with my new bow. :wink:


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    Congrats on a successful hunt. Hope to see the pics soon. :beer:

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    CONGRATULATIONS - Now let's see the pictures.
  4. Congrats,, Congrats,,, Congrats!!!!

    And yes Pics,,, Pics,,,Pics... LOL
  5. Good hunt and a great story. Looking forward to the pics :tea:
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    Way to Go Dan. We want pictures. Great story.
  7. Congrats Dan. Nicely done, I enjoyed reading about your hunt. We need pic's.

    P.S. I hope you didn't mind me using AZ~ in my handle.
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    Thanks everyone. I'll try and get the pics posted in a day or two. BTW, none were taken in the field due to leaving my camera in my truck. Not good, especially when you have a 2+ mile walk to the truck and only 45 minutes of daylight left.

    Scott, I'm the one who borrowed the AZ~ idea from you. Hope YOU don't mind. 8)
  9. Congrats on your bull Dan! Can't wait to see the pictures. Now you can concentrate on getting ready for the upcoming archery hunt. I have a feeling you are going to see lots of bucks!