6.5 creedmoor coyote load

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  1. Hi Friends!

    I was wondering if anyone here had an opinion 6.5 creedmoor loads for coyotes. It seems like the internet is inbetween a Hornady 95g V-max and Hornady 143g ELD-x precision Hunter.

    If anyone has any opinions on loads for coyotes in 6.5 creedmoor and/or the aforementioned rounds, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

    The first rifle I ever got was chambered in. 308 and I thought I'd be super cool and use a 185 grain monster to shoot coyotes with. I've had mixed results... several pass throughs and a couple erm... not- so- usable pelts(softball sized holes). I take blame for shot placement on those.

    I'm mostly looking for something that's potentially not quite as destructive and maybe a little forgiving if I don't place the shot just right.

    Let me know what you think :]
  2. You are probably going to be happiest with the lightest bullet your gun will shoot well. By using that it will be fast, and cause a lot of shock to a smaller animal. The next thing you need to look at is the bullet. It needs a thinner jacket to open in a thin skinned animal.
    I'm using a 6.5x55 so very close to 6.5CM. The lightest bullets I have been successful with are 140 gr. But I'm using a military barrel, that was made for 175 gr bullets.
    Speer makes a 90 gr TnT, Nosler has their Varmageddon, and Sierra makes a Varminter bullet that all have thin jackets. These bullets should be good to around 3000 fps. after that you will just have to test to see that they don't come apart on first contact. [that would make a big hole] You may have to experiment a little to find what your gun likes best. God Luck, DR



    I hit this mange coyote at 40-45 yards with a 6.5 grendel pushing a hornady 123gr ELD M home rolled to about 2500fps. Besides doing him a favor the exit wound was the size of a golf ball. I have shot coyotes with the 6.5 CM with more damage pushing a 90gr pill slower than that. I'm currently loading some 90gr fod the grendel will have to experiment on a yote.
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    That coyote looks disturbing even without the damage, lol.
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  5. That rite there my friend is what nightmares are made of
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  6. Yuk. Dinner anyone? Smoked yote ribs?
  7. Well that's encouraging for sure.

    Look at the poor guy. You definitely did him a favor. Assuming I ever get this rifle finished I will post the results of my experimentation. Thank you for the info!
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    Are you reloading?
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    Definitely did him a favor, that is one ugly coyote. From looking at what you can see of the teeth it doesn’t look too old?
  10. My buddy and I said the same thing. Not to old but one ugly SOB