6.5 creedmoor muzzle brake

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  1. Hi!

    I am building a rifle chambered in 6.5 creedmoor and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for muzzle brakes?

    Thank you!
  2. I have yet to use a muzzle break, but I do know they are incredibly loud for the shooter and anyone else around. They do reduce recoil. The 6.5 Creedmoor has such a tame recoil, why do you feel you need one?

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  4. Hey thanks! I will look into that.

    300 win mag is a nasty boi!
  5. I have a 6.5 creedmore with a muzzle brake and the recoil is the same or less that an AR. You almost don’t feel anything. My rifle came from my grandfather so I am not sure where the muzzle brake came from.
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  6. I'm interested in the opinions to Painter's question on if you need it above.
    I too am looking at building a 6.5 for my niece's hunt this winter.
    I am concerned about recoil but also noise. I want it to be fun for her and not scare her to shoot it
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  7. Because the 6.5 is so small I don’t really notice it being much louder when I wear hearing protection, but I shoot with ouT hearing protection it is louder but not by a lot.
  8. My Thompson Compass, in 6.5 Creedmoor, is threaded for a muzzle break, but honestly, the noise and recoil from the 6.5 Creedmoor is pretty negligible if you are wearing any kind of ear protection at all on the range. Recoil is significantly less than when I shoot my 308 Winchester Savage 99. Given that muzzle brakes have such an impact on noise for shooter and anyone around the shooter, I just don't personally see the need for one. Maybe a lot depends on how old your niece is: a 12 year old probably hasn't developed the same strength and build that an 18 year old would have for instance, so maybe it makes sense for a younger person with a slight build. Just speculating....
  9. If the muzzle is threaded, You should be able to use the brake at the range and remove it for the hunt. I have never remembered hearing the muzzle blast from a shot fired at game! Targets... not so much. You will have to check your zero with the brake removed. Good Luck.
    PS I moved to the 6.5x55 to get away from recoil. After a couple shoulder surgery's I did not think I would shoot any rifle again. But I'm really happy with the 6.5. DR
  10. I have a Witt Machine brake on my 338 winmag. It tamed it down a lot. As for noise, I didn't notice it being any louder from the shooter perspective. Might be louder for anyone around...I don't know. It did cause a 100fps loss and accuracy is good for me out of a factory gun with handloads at 4" groups at 500yds. Killed my strip deer (no not a biggun unfortunately) at 300yds offhand. I would highly recommend a Witt Machine brake and they won't break the bank either. They have sales from time to time and as low as $59.