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7MM Ammo

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Folks... a member (White Bobby) on our Arizona Hunting Today Facebook Group recently posted some 7MM ammo for sale and his posting was ultimately turned into Facebook for "Spam and Rule Violations". I contacted him via Messenger and offered to link his ammo for sale here on our forum, which he agreed to me doing. And before anyone asks, no, I did not suggest that he join our Forum, due to the backlash he'd receive for being a new member and immediately hawking his merchandise for sale.

If anyone here is interested, you can contact him through the Facebook Messenger platform by clicking this link. I am only doing this as many of our members are always looking for a deal. If I recall correctly, he lives in the Prescott area and is seeking $25 a box.

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Yeah, big mistake for me thinking he was legit. Chambers is an unincorporated community in Apache County, AZ and it is actually not on the Navajo Reservation, but it is bordered by it. I had to block Bobby too and I hope whoever may have contacted him, doesn't fall for his scam.
Advice. Don't block people. Then you can't see their activities.
Thanks khmer6, but that was purely a personal decision. I blocked him on Facebook Messenger because he was relentlessly sending me messages. He's still a member on our Facebook page, so I can monitor his activities there.
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