A Dangerous Place?

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  1. I've been scouting the Eagletails in Unit 41 and have found some promising rut sign from last year as well as water. But the deer are plum scared. Usually mulie does are pretty laid back especially now. Usually this goes along with poaching activity. There are also alot of beer bottles to the south along the road and charcoal from small fires where people camped roughly for a night. I saw one other vehicle out in the middle of nowhere and it took off when I approached it. Should I just forget about this spot and look for a healthier place to hunt?
  2. I've hunted there a little, but I packed a pistol with me even when I was archery hunting. Some wild stories about some goings ons out there. Creed could fill in more than I can, I know just enough to pack a gun. There are some good deer there, but you will have to work for them.

  3. Thanks Slim, I figured as much. I just wanted to confirm it. I do carry. If I hunt it I backpack and use noise and light discipline so as not to spook any game. It should keep people from finding me too.
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    According to what a certain mule deer hunter told me, the Eagletails are veeeeeery popular with the Kalifornian deer hunters. I'd sniff around the Kofa's if I lived closer.
  5. Thanks for the info. I've got until december to find a spot to hunt, guess I'll keep looking. I figured bowhunting the late season would put me into the rut and keep me from suffering the season end post partum deer blues. My last "real" hunt is in Kansas this year in early december.
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