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  1. This is a friend of ours and her pig that she got with an AR-15 gee guess that gun is good for hunting animals!!! anyway he was a big boy that came in at 42lbs she shot him at 32 yards not bad way to go page!!!

  2. Congrats to the hunter. That is way cool and a rather large javy. The .223 is an excellent caliber for javy's. and anything else we have in the southern part of the state. I have been using mine for the last 15 years on coues, muleys, and javalina, not to mention the varmit side of things. And my #2 daughter took her first animal this year( see #2 fills her tag) with that same rifle.

    But I don't know about having a hunting rifle with a clip that big. I think the G&F say no more then 5 rounds. Just thinking aloud, but something you might want to check on. Dont want anything to take away from that hunt.

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    well thanks uumm page will love to be called a young hunter she is 60 years old. as for the mag it was blocked thanks for the info her boyfriend is a guide and a hunter ed ins as she is also. that was a big pig and she is a great shot with that gun. i wouldnt want to be on the other end of that muzzle.
  4. I figured the pic would not be posted if it wasent legal. But you know how other people see things, I just wanted to make sure. . Again congrats to the hunter. Its always good to see folks getting into the sport, no matter what the age. LOL. The hat pulled down over the eyes and the large javy tend to show her as a youngster ( must be nice to age that well.). And javy hunting is about the most fun thing you can do big game wise with a hunting license. And the best way I know to start a new hunter out. Again congrats to Page, and the " guide"
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    thanks it took me awhlie to learn how to post photos lol she loves to hunt anyhtng she can i will tell her for u
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    She is a youngster, compared to me, and if'n she still out there hunting at least she is young at heart. Pass on a congratulations from me also.
  7. will do

    i will she really just got into hunt the past few years she was the guides camp cook then boom it hit her and she now puts in for tags she also has a spring turkey tag and she will try and fill it knowing page it will be filled. :D