A Good and True Story (Part Two)

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    Disclaimer: I have been informed that the partner mentioned in this story is still alive and would like me to respect his privacy so….. I’ve made a few very minor changes in this true story. ( the name for one)

    Jim had just missed his second animal, he was dismayed to say the least “I don’t know what’s wrong” was all he could say several times. Well, I lied to him. Told him that with a brand new rifle sometimes screws loosened up and his scope might have moved just a bit, I suggested that we use my rifle the rest of the night and we would check his out in the morning. He agreed to that still shaking his head and mumbling to himself. My rifle was a Remington model 722 with a heavy varmint contour 26” barrel, a 3x9x40 Leo and was chambered in 6X47, it was heavy, quiet, accurate and had no recoil.

    I took a paper plate and put a bit of reflective tape in the center for a target then put it out about 80 yards or so and had him take some shots with my rifle. The first two were high and to the right but the next three were close enough for any varmint we might encounter, ready!

    It began to rain as I got back to the Jeep from picking up the target so we just sat still for the short but intense rain fall.

    Due to all the shooting, we moved about two miles or so to our next stand which was a blank, then we moved on to a great looking spot that had a wash about 50 yards in front and a brushy hill behind that was a few hundred yards to the ridge. Once again, I told Jim about the light and told him to pick a spot on the animal and aim for the spot “not the whole animal”. It seemed like I had just turned on the caller when I had eyes come over the top of the ridge and head straight down the hill toward us. I tapped Jim on the shoulder and he nodded indicating that he saw the eyes. The dog came right down to the bank of the wash then started walking along the bank to our right, he stopped just in front and under a large bush/small tree, I heard “burn him” and a shot. The next thing I heard was the loudest “I GOT HIM” I had ever heard, Jim took off running to get his coyote, I had a protocol for retrieving animals and had instructed Jim on that protocol BUT it all went out the window on his first coyote!

    When Jim reached for the dog he brushed the limbs on the bush and when he got back to the Jeep he was totally soaked. Now, Jim was a big guy 6’3” tall and around 275lbs with no fat, he was wearing cotton long johns, jeans and wool jacket with no hat. The night was very cold, in spite of the overcast, and my extra jacket would not fit Jim as I was only 145lbs at the time, I did get him my knit cap and had him use my large towel to dry his head and use as a wrap.

    We put the dog in a plastic bag and continued on our way to the next stand. We found an old two track leading up into the hills and decided to go up and see what we could scare up. After about three quarters of a mile the two track leveled out for about a hundred yards and looked good for a stand. There was a ravine running alongside the road that was about 50 yards wide and maybe 20 feet deep then there was another ravine coming in to it from an angle that was larger and had a large rock in the middle that made it look like a dam across the ravine. We were on a fairly flat piece of road but the calling area all sloped downhill from our right to left, we had a perfect view of the whole area.

    Jim was on the light I was on the caller and I was on the gun for the stand. I used my rubber band squeaker to let out a couple big squeaks followed by some little chirps, Jim started to scan and tapped me on the head right away. There was a coyote to our left about 125 yards out, he was facing away from us, looking back at the sound of the squeaker. I made a few little squeaks but the dog just started walking away so I said burn him, let out a couple loud squeals and when he stopped to look back I dropped him.

    We just shut down for a little while to let things settle then I turned on the caller and within 30 seconds a fox came up from the ravine and started barking at me, it was going back and forth barking and growling! Jim was trying to keep the light on it. The fox was so close that I could not see it in the scope, I yelled out “hold the light steady” I sighted down the barrel and shot the fox. The animal rolled down the slope to the bottom of the ravine into a bush, there was steam rising from the blood splashed on the road, the temperature had dropped noticeably.

    Once again we just sat, after all the caller had been on for only about 45 seconds! After a while we got ready and I started the caller, Jim was scanning for about 5 minutes when we saw eyes on top of the rock that looked like a dam. The animal just sat and stared not moving at all just looking toward the sound of the caller. After a few minutes Jim tapped me on the head again pointing to my right, there, just below the edge of the road a bobcat was slowly walking toward the sound of the caller. The cat was about 20 yards from us when I took the shot, the cat died.

    I immediately went full volume on the caller and we looked toward the animal on the rock, it was still there! I brought the volume down and added some sounds with my squeaker but the darn animal would not move. Finally, I told Jim that we would walk over to the cat, throw it up onto the road and then walk out parallel to the “rock animal” and see if we could shoot it from the side. I turned the volume down low on the caller, gave Jim the rifle and I took the light and the shotgun. We walked over to the cat and popped it up onto the road then we walked as quietly as we could until we were even with and slightly above the animal on the rock. I sat down and had Jim put the rifle on my shoulder he tapped me and I lit up the animal. Even with Jim shaking quite a bit he was able to nail the animal at about 45 yards, the animal was a nice bobcat.

    As we got up to go get the cat it started snowing, we could feel the temp drop as the flakes came down. We picked up the cat and started back to the jeep. I told Jim that we should angle over to the fox and get it on our way up. Jim was ahead of me and passed the bush that the fox had fallen into I heard a sound that sounded like a small airplane and looked up but saw nothing. Jim said it’s not here and as I parted the leaves on the bush I was standing at I said it’s in here. I used the light and the barrel of the shotgun to part the leaves and when I looked in I had a very angry bobcat hissing and growling at my face I gave him a load of #4 buck shot in the face, the cat had drug the fox into the bush and was eating it!! As my heart started to calm down and my knees stopped shaking I heard Jim say “was it still alive?” I said no a bobcat was eating it! I reached in and grabbed the two animals and walked up to the road and the jeep.

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