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Discussion in 'Big Game' started by bowhuntinmaniac, Jul 6, 2006.

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    This is a bull that one of our clients got last year. He is from North Dakota and drew a bull tag the 1st year applying here.
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    Nice Elk, Were you the guide on that hunt Garth? Nice Photo. Thanks.

  3. Yeah, he and his 2 buddies drew unit 9 with no points last year. All 3 missed shots before they killed. One of the guys killed on his 9th shot and his 21st opportunity. it was a tremendous year and made me wish I had a tag.
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    Archery hunt or rifle? Man, 9 shots and 21 opportunities.
  5. It was the archery hunt........all of the guys picked their spots to hunt opening morning, and I had the time free, so i sat a waterhole, and videoed a 370 bull screamin' his lungs out at 25 yds..........cant wait to get my tag this year.
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    8) It is real 'noisy' out there now with the bulls moving all over the Fort Apache!! Can't wait to get more opportunities to see and hear these awesome creatures!

    :) (I have some photos, but have yet to put them in any http location) ..