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A great new blog!

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Well, I just discovered this today. Duh! Anyway, our own Garth Goodrich has started his own bowhunting blog. Have a look:

Folks, as mentioned here and there, the network is always looking for outdoor bloggers - all across the country and in Canada too. If you know someone that might be interested, get them in touch with Steve and Tom.

Congratulations, Garth!
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Thanks Marshall,
This is a little different to me, but people that know me, know I like to talk.
It seems kind of difficult to find a subject to write about, so if anybody has suggestions, feel free to put 'em down.
Here's one suggestion. The future of bow-hunting.
Wow Dan,
That could be a whole book........are we talkin' in AZ or bowhunting in general?
I doubt there's much difference between states, so I'd go with "in general".

Here's some more ideas.

1. Kinetic energy and what it really means to bow hunters.

2. Arrow spine and the effects of flight.

3. Bow tuning tid-bits and secrets.

4. Are archers better hunters?

5. Natural made blinds vs pop-ups.

6. Do's and don'ts when discussing archery hunting on the web.
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Thanks Dan,
Those are some great ideas.......which one would you like me to start with?
LOL. Just close your eyes and point to one!
ok, I did it and natural blinds vs. pop ups is 1st.
Hey Dan,
I just finished writing about blinds.......hope u like it.
OK, I'll go check it out.
May want to steer clear of #4. Can see that getting into a real pizzing contest with no real winner except the anti-hunters. Somewhat like the bait no bait issue that is going on now. Just pits one group of hunters against another.
That one is easy to address Chief. They're not better, just different with perhaps a touch more patience because they have to get closer. I know that is one of my big faults, patience. Even tho I may be stalking with a bow I still find myself walking like a rifle hunter - confident in my ability to make a 400 yd shot. Which is not good when the bow I pack changes me to a 50 yd shooter. I start off nice and slow, but after a while the Marine in me takes over and catch myself humping like I'm on a forced march.

Archery also makes you look at terrain a little different, looking for a covered approach to put you within range that isn't as important when packing a gun. And everytime I come upon water I am looking for a good spot for my blind where with a gun I look for a high spot within 300 yds that lets me cover the hole.

All in all I feel it is like I opened with, not better, just different.
nice blog


You did a great job on your BLOG really enjoy reading them. keep up the good work.
Thanks, sometimes I run into a roadblock about what to write about, but TD helped me get may be a few days before I write again. I leave tomorrow for turkey hunting.
you welcome. yeah those roadblocks will get you every time. TD is a good guy. good luck on your hunt. looking forward to reading about it and seeing pixs when you get back.
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