A little taste of New York whitetail

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  1. wife is now "you really go out there?"...yep, reason I carry a gun...just to piss them off even more!
  2. Thanks Steve. Just when I thought it was safe to stay in the stand until dark...

  3. OH, AT Dark, thats when it gets fun with small bears, they like to climb trees or ladders to see whats up there, Big bears grab the tree or stand and shake you out of stand. Thats why you wear a safety harness. Come on Steve, you really afraid of the big, Dark things that are hairy and go bump in the night? My wife wont go and camp out anymore because of a news article she saw a few years ago about a bear clawing its way into a tent at night and dragging some poor fool out in his sleeping bag. LOL... Ya got to love them.
  4. .45 bear spray..I’m grumpy when I’m woke up!
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  5. Bears have been expanding a lot in NY, I worked for the DEC as a tech for years before moving into the airport wildlife field, which is what I do now. This population explosion is why they (NYS) opened the whole state to bear hunting a couple seasons ago to hopefully curb any further expansion outside the core bear areas (ADks, Catskills and Allegheny Plateau, although the Catskill and Allegheny pops were merged into 1 large pop about 5 years ago). I think the bears you're referring to are probably problem bears working on their 3 strikes that are being relocated from the ADKs into the big woods of the Tug
  6. Yeah that could be. About 6 years ago guy on Tug Hill saw a DEC truck go past with a few bear in cages. When the truck returned an hour later the guy stopped them asked the DEC guys where they released the bears. The DEC guys said "what bears"? haha.