Adopt A Catchment

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  1. Way cool idea. I like it. sounds like a good reason to get the kids out of the house, and on a hike. Let me know if this procedes. I might be able to help out, I know where a couple of those catchments are.

  2. I called up and left a message that I wanted to volunteer for anything in 3B. I'm waiting for the return call.
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    Ya know, I asked G&F if there was such a thing a couple of years ago. The guy I talked to (don't remember his name) said they had something in the works, but I never heard back. This is cool, I will be calling...
  4. Contractors, Heavy Equipment Operators?

    When I rode around with Ben Brochu, the WM for 37B, we talked a lot about water projects. It seems resources in the Department are stretched thin by times, and if they sub-contract out for a backhoe and operator, it significantly increases the cost of building a water catchment. What he would really like to see, is a donation of an operator and backhoe for a day, maybe 2x per year. That kind of a donation will, in effect, let him build 2 waterholes for the budgeted price of one.

    It is a safe bet that most of the other WMs in desert units would benefit from the same kind of donation. Ben said even if he could just get the backhoe donated, he could probably scrounge up operators.

    I'm working on this through other means as well, but also thought I would start posting this up on the message boards.

    If required, the donations could be tax-deductible. Contact me, and I'll get you in touch with Ben.
  5. I used to be an operator, and could donate that part. You could probably get alot of it funded by the ADA.