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Arizona Hunting Forums gives you an opportunity to advertise your business/service. We have some real inexpensive rates.

We allow 3 different size images with a link back to your website. Your banner/image will be placed up top on every page here at the forums and will rotate randomly with other advertisers.

If interested please contact us at [email protected]

728x90 Full Banner
1 month = $20
Half Year (6 months) = $120
Full Year (12 months) = $220

428x60 Half Banner
1 month = $12
Half Year = $80
Full Year = $150

120x60 Button
1 month = $10
Half Year = $60
Full Year = $110

We also allow you to place a 120x60 button at the bottom of the forums for a bit of a lower price.

1 month = $8
6 months = $40
1 year = $75

Forum Sponsorships
This will let you place your image and a link back to your website. It will appear under the Title and Description of your desired forum. It will also appear in your forum up top. Max image size will be no higher than 60 pixels and no wider than 468 to keep things looking uniform.

In addition, the sponsor can write something up about their business and sticky it to the top of their forum. This will help the sponsor say something directed to his audience here and be somewhat personable.

The price per month right now for that is $95
You can purchase 1 full year in advance and get 2 months free at $950

Full Sponsorship
Full sponsorship gives you the top banner and a link back to your website all to yourself. Nobody else can share that spot with you. Largest image would be 728x90


1 month: $171
1 year: $2,000
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