For Sale: Aero Precision M5 6.5 Creedmoor
I am selling my beloved AR-10, as my wife and I have had some sudden unexpected medical expenses (screw United Healthcare) and I am looking to trim down the gun collection to appease the wife.

It is an extremely accurate (shoots around .75 MOA at 100yds with Hornady ELD-M 140gr) and made up of very premium parts, including the best AR trigger that money can buy. It has less than 500 rounds through it, and was assembled according to manufacturer instructions with proper torque specs by yours truly. It has some scuffs from normal use and features a brown and tan stripe paint pattern. I killed a coues deer at 425 yards with it two years ago, so it definitely works, although it is a bit heavy for a backcountry rifle. It has a Primary Arms MRAD christmas tree reticle 4-14x FFP scope on top, in an Aero precision lightweight scope mount. If I have a buyer for both the scope and the gun, I'm happy to separate.

Here are the parts that it consists of, and what I paid for them (not including sales tax and shipping):
-Aero M5 Complete Lower - $300
-Geissele SSA-E - $220
-Magpul K2+ Grip - $25
-Magpul SL Stock - $60
-Aero M5 Assembled Upper - $145
-Odin Works Handguard - $215
-Ballistic Advantage 20” Stainless Premium 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel - $275
-Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block - $100
-Dead Air Flash Hider - $75
-Aero Gas Tube - $16
-Aero Precision M5 BCG - $190
-Aero AR-308 Charging Handle - $21
-Magpul MIAD Oil Core - $12
-Magpul Bipod Mount - $22
-Vickers Padded Sling and Hardware- $65
-Primary Arms 4-14x MRAD Scope - $200 (this was $270 when I bought it, but since they updated the model I'll count the closeout price towards the value)
-Aero Lightweight Scope Mount - $70
-3x 20 round Pmags - $54
-2x 10 round Pmags - $36

I'd like to part with all this for about $1450.
For a turnkey, ready to rock used AR-10 setup including optic, sling, spare mags, and bipod mount this seems like a fair price.

Complete Aero M5 rifles go for like
$1500 on their website, and that is without the optic setup, sling, mags, and many of the upgrades on this rifle, including the excellent 2-stage trigger, the adjustable gas block, ultra-lightweight handguard, and suppressor mount muzzle device.

The only thing "wrong" with this rifle is the dust cover is kind of stiff to close. I have a replacement dust cover that Aero sent me for free that I'll include, but I haven't installed it yet because that would require removing the barrel nut, which I don't feel like doing, since I leave the dust cover open all the time anyways. Everything else is perfect working order.

I'm in Tucson but could probably drive up to like Tempe to deliver this if need be.

Partial trades I'm interested in:
Glock 43 - trade value $350
Glock 43x MOS - trade value $450
Rare bourbon that I could flip - trade value at secondary market price

Someone suggested that this is more likely to sell if I part it out, so here are the individual prices:
PA Scope and Mount - $250
Vickers Sling and hardware - $65
Aero M5 Complete Lower with Larue MBT-2S - $400
PMAGs - $60
Complete Upper - $700