AHT Summer Get-Together

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  1. I floated this idea out in a thread in the fishing section and it seemed to generate some immediate interest, so I thought I'd start a new thread to see if any others would be interested. I know the March Rabbit Camp is coming up soon and many of you are planning to attend it, but I wanted to get this conversation started and try to avoid the "if I'd only known a couple months ago" excuses.

    AHT Summer Get-Together
    When: Early-mid July
    Where: Ashurt Campground (about 1/2 mile off FS3 (Lake Mary Rd) just south of Upper Lake Mary). Plenty of primitive camping room. Quick drive to both Upper and Lower Lake Mary & Ashurst Lake. Trout, pike, walleye catfish, etc. Good shore fishing, with boating at Upper Lake Mary and Ashurst Lake. I would bring my bass boat and fish Upper Lake Mary. (Yes AZ~ThunderDan, I have a seat reserved for you if you want it!)

    Depending on the timing of the monsoon, there may or may not be fire restrictions in place, no way to predict that, but it's always nice to get up into the pines during that time of year while waiting for the draw results.

  2. Count me in, Ill bring my boat for Ashurst lake. Sounds Like a good time. Rabbit camp, Fish camp, Squirrel camp, Sounds like we are filling up.

  3. I am in....nice to see we are trying to put stuff together....get out and meet each other, share stories (aka....lies) about our conquest and those that "got away".

    No boat...but Fern brings the green lights, I will bring an anchor. Someone bring a piece of plywood...we are in!!!!
  4. I’m in..have no idea where lake Mary is but instead of asking a stupid quistion, again! Haha I’ll go ahead and look it up myself. Sounds fun...
  5. South east of flag off of FS#3 rd, AKA- Lake Mary Rd
    ary Rd

    Leave Green lights home for trout, Daytime fishing, Ramspeed favorite time to fish.
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  6. Lmfao...you never fail to crack me up!
  7. But thanks Bear I had already found it
  8. I’m down like Charlie Brown. Just need to convince the wife to go with me. What’s the temp up there in summer? Higher elevation cooler?
  9. Sounds like something the family would want to do. Catch some Northern Pike too... one of my favorite.
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