This gun just came back from Alexander where they completely went through the gun replacing anything they thought need it so the gun is in perfect condition, not that there was much to replace but I was having a bit of a problem with it feeding. They found that to be a magazine and replaced that and a couple of small parts. It comes with four 10 round mags. I do like the gun it is just a bit heavier than what I was looking for but it does shoot some tight groups.
Wood Air gun Door handle Shotgun Trigger

Air gun Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel Wood

Just a note as to value, and you have probably seen it with most guns right now but this gun has gone up in value by about $400 in the last 6-8 months. I am selling for slightly over what I paid.

From Alexander Web Site:
Our .17 HMR rifle features:
  • 18" Straight Flute Barrel
  • 1:10 Twist Rate
  • 1/2-28RH Threading
  • A2 Flash Hider
  • A2 Grip
  • LAR Alexander Arms® Branded Hand Guard
  • Mil-Spec Trigger
  • EFX Stock
  • Standard Charging Handle
  • Blowback Operating System
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Two 10-round magazines
  • Weight is 7.5 lbs