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  1. Never ever sit down and eat an apple. I’ve been busted to many times. but glad you enjoyed your time out.
  2. The hunt was tough but still worth every crappy minute nothing was happening-lol.
    It was hot, sat a waterhole from before sun up to after sun down.... nothing but birds-lol
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  3. We have all sat light to dark, I can remember every time i've done it. Wish I didnt waste so much time doing it, but there is always a chance I guess.
  4. Ya sitting there all day without seeing anything is murder.

    I learned as a Midwest whitetail hunter sitting in a blind or tree stand. There were so many deer if you hit the rut that you see one about every 15 minutes. Keeps you excited and interested all day waiting for big hank to come in.

    Western mountain hunting seems to be a different story. When nothing else is working I've fallen back on my Midwest whitetail strategy but it never seems to work.
  5. Wow within 40 yards of a bull, that is sure to elicit a fever.
  6. I was up in 5a scouting for Elk , and I can tell you they are fired up right now! Bulls everywhere and the Elk are definitely shifting their locations and are isolated with all the traffic from Covid on the weekends still.
  7. Well isn’t that just 2020. Even the elk get put out of their normal rut.... haha
  8. I'm still very new to Elk hunting.
    I heard two bulls going at it this past weekend at 5500 feet. I thought is was really early in the year and still very hot for them to be this low.
    I was thinking all the campers at 7000 ft pushed them down early
  9. Campers dont push elk anywhere, the elk just become more nocturnal more, Hunters stomping in the woods and weather move the elk, and water availability.
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    I have gotten up in the morning to find elk tracks through camp.

    Snow pushes them down and there are resident herds at all elevations. Snow will push them off of the Peaks. Big snows will push them to areas where they don’t have to do so much digging for feed. Campers have little effect. As Bear said, hunters stomping through the trees and shooting at them moves them to the thick stuff and junipers.