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  1. Well, I've been in Waikiki since last Wednesday on business and will be here until early April. This is my third time here and as nice as it appears, I'm not much for it. Lots of people and extremely high prices.
    I'm in a nice hotel, but I must admit I'm quite homesick - miss my wife and son quite a bit. Not too much to do after work but walk (I'll be I've put on 15 miles on foot since I've been here), although I admit the beaches do have pretty scenery.

    Anyone got any tips for sights to see beyond the typical tourist places (been there, done that!)

    Happy hunting everyone....

  2. Hey,
    They used to ahve boar hunting there and it seems like some kind of turkey.
    Can we have pics of the scenery?

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    I'm sure you've already been there, but the Dole pineapple plant tour is worth going to. Man, that pineapple and fresh juice is awesome. Take some Rolaids though, I drank so much I had heartburn. When it's free - I always tend to over-do it.

    Is that crooner Don Ho still alive? Went to a dinner show to see him and I must admit, it was a great show. Tiny bubbles... LOL.

    Oh, I asked a guy once (native Hawaiian) about hiking around. He said "I don't recommend it". Hawaii's "2nd biggest" cash crop is illegal and most of those farmers don't "cotton" to tourists meandering through their crops. If you stumbled upon a patch, you might not make it back to your Hotel. :roll:
  4. I lived on Oahu for almost 3 years, my wife for 5 - that's where we met and married. After 6 months I had had enough of Paradise and was ready to go back to the sagebrush sticks of Wyoming.

    When you are down around Ford Island look up on the hill - the big cross you see is at Camp Smith, that's where we were stationed. The house we rented was just above the base, had a beautiful view of Pearl Harbor. The Marine Corp paid for us to see Hawaii and I'm glad, now I can save my money and go hunting.

    For your tourist stuff check out the swap meet at Aloha Stadium - you can get everything you want there for about 1/2 to 1/3 of what you pay in Waikiki, The Polynesian Culture Center is worth a visit, they put on some good shows. There is also an island/beach between the Center and Winchester Ranch? (I think that is it, been over 20 years since I was there) on that side of the island that is pretty cool. The beach wasn't crowded and you could walk out to the island and see some good sight - like no bikini's :shock: - and also find some spots you could have all to yourselves. I liked to buy the plate lunches the little places had for sale, some good teryaki chicken or beef and sticky rice and it was only a couple bucks. If you scuba dive then Alamoana Harbor or Hanama Bay is a good place to see things, get outside the reef at Alamoana and take a can of corn or peas in a plastic bag when you hit Hanama, the fish will come right up and eat out of your hands. And if you get out past the points of the harbour you can find some good size lobster, at least we used to be able to. Make sure you don't run out of air tho.
  5. turkeys

    you need to hunt the turkeys there its awesome !!!!! our friends go there every year to hunt them says its the best good luck shoot stright lol
  6. Wow - thanks for all the replies. I won't be able to hunt on this trip though, and left my camera sitting on the table at home :( I thought about picking up a replacement, but cameras here would most likely be more than I'm willing to pay. Keeping an eye out though.
    I haven't taken the Dole plantation tour yet but it's on my list. I've heard Dole is not growing pineapple commercially in Hawaii anymore except to keep the tours going. They say it's cheaper to grow their stuff in Malaysia or Thailand.
    Slim - I'll definitely check out the other side of the island - hopefully today. We're ahead of schedule so the customer requested we not come in today to allow him to do some other things.
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    A couple of years ago when our daughter got her Masters Degree we thought that we would send her and her husband to Maui as a graduation gift. She said she would only go if we went along. I have been in and out of Hawaii on numerous occassions and had no desire to go back, but.....the Chief of Staff yes we are going. I talked her into deep sea fishing for a day and a boar and goat hunt for a day. I don't remember the exact cost but think the fishingtrip was $150 for six hours and the hunt was near $225 for about a 8 hour hunt, one fish - an ono, very similiar to pike but more colorful. Two goats and one smallish boar, we stayed late at the ranch and cooked them up, extra cost, lots of beer and made a lot of new friends, money well spent.

    Have a good time and buy a cheap throw-away camera.
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    Hey Ron, Can you go fishing? take some Photos please.
    You can always try that surfing thing. Hang 10!
  9. I'm afraid I'm a bit too out of shape for surfing...hell, every time I get close to the water some outfit called Green Peace shows up and tries to drag me out to see. Can't stay too still in the sun either - don't want to start any greasefires or anything.

    On a sad note, I was heading to the laundry room and noticed one of the pools roped off and policemen everywhere.
    Turns out a young 10 year old Japanese boy drowned while his father stepped out to use the restroom. Can't imagine that happening, but it sure as hell did. A lot of people around as well who didn't notice it would seem. Bad thing was, in my opinion, stupid jerk tourists laying on lounge chairs within 2 feet of the crime scene ropes....I know they're on vacation, but holy crap. To each their own I guess.....I had a much better opinion of my fellow humans until I witnessed that. :(
  10. wow

    you got to be joking that total sucks that they had to be within 2 feet of the crime tape come on!!! the poor father just lost his son and they think they need to lay out by the pool where the boy died to get some sun. thats just not right sorry to hear that. hope your day gets better. take a walk to get your mind off it.