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well there is another 3-D shoot on April 21 & 22 2007 at the Mohave Sportsman Club in kingman its going to be lots of fun we have 2 20 target courses set up for a total of 40 targets. they are placed out like you would find in real life hunting back in a canyon down in a wash behide brush, etc. its a lot of fun and for you folks who are going spring turkey hunting with your bow this is a great time to come out and have some real life shots at turkey 3-Ds. if i am off that weekend we will have lunch out there for you all. the prices are as followed.

10 years and under are FREE!!! can't bet that
11-15 years old is $5.00 still can't bet that
16 years old and older is $13.00 still a great price guys

bring the whole family if you shoot on sat and come back on sunday its half price now where can you shoot for that??? come on now also here in kingman we have our own bowteach hunting prostaffer and he is also on trophey ridge's staff plus vapor blackhawks staff. so you can come out and pick is brain on stuff. for more info just ask. or PM me. :wink: i'm here to answer any qusetions for you all
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